50 Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Important General Knowledge Questions and Answers


50 Top Important General Knowledge Questions with Answers Part 1 (1-17)


1) Who was the author of the book Wuthering Heights?

Answer: Emily Bronte.


2) How did the Sumerians build their temples?

Answer: In the shape of tall towers.


3) How many people have walked on the moon?

Answer: 12.


4) Name a gymnosperm which yields a drug for treating asthma:

Answer: Ephedra (the drug is ephedrine).


5) The Separatists that landed at Plymouth Rock were primarily what religious affiliation?

Answer: Puritan.


6) What is the Sulfide ore of silver known as?

Answer: Argentite.


7) What British stage production did Monkee Davey Jones star in as a child?

Answer: Oliver.


8) What is the primary function of management?

Answer: Planning.


9) What does a herpetologist study?

Answer: Reptiles.


10) The same keys are used for encryption as well as decryption:

Answer: In symmetric encryption.


11) In which country is the great port of Antwerp?

Answer: Belgium.


12) Which is Very Low Frequencies (VLF) band?

Answer: 10-30 khz.


13) Solar relates to the Sun, sidereal relates to the stars and synodic relates to the moon.

Answer: True.


14) Give an example of renewable resources:

Answer: fiber.


15) Who commanded the French ships which arrived in Botany Bay on 28 January 1788?

Answer: Jean-Francois de la Perouse.


16) The Greek engineer Hero once showed his compatriots how to dig a tunnel under a mountain by starting at both ends at once. Which subject did he use to estimate the points where digging could be started simultaneously?

Answer: Trigonometry.


17) Who was the Goddess of Love and Beauty?

Answer: Aphrodite.


Most Important General Knowledge Questions Part 2 (18-34)


18) The wavelength of sound in air is 10cm. What is its frequency?

Answer: 3.3 kc/s.


19) What Italian word is used to refer to a half-story, usually between the ground and first floor?

Answer: Mezzanine.


20) Which are the four categories of traffic signs?

Answer: Warning signs, Regulatory signs, Directional informatory signs, other informatory signs.


21) What “E” is a men’s magazine famous for its “Dubious Achievement Awards”?

Answer: Esquire.


22) ‘Blossom by blossom the spring begins’ In which poem does this line occur?

Answer: Swinburne’s “when the hounds of spring”.


23) In 1957, an animal named Laika became the first living creature to orbit Earth; which kind of animal was she?

Answer: A dog.


24) Sun’s own sign:

Answer: Leo.


25) Who discovered oxygen?

Answer: Joseph Priestly and Karl Wilhelm Scheele.


26) Is external combustion engine lighter or heavier in weight?

Answer: Heavier.


27) Atomic mass is expressed in atm. True or false?

Answer: False.


28) Whose dying words were “Crito, we owe a cock to Asclepius; pay it and don’t forget.”?

Answer: Socrates.


29) Which nerve is located in the human jaw?

Answer: Maxillary.


30) Who founded Motown Records?

Answer: Berry Gordy Jr.


31) Hummingbirds, native to the Americas, are the only birds capable of which maneuver?

Answer: Flying backward.


32) Which mountain in Thessaly did the ancient Greeks believe to be home of the gods?

Answer: Olympus.


33) What is the world’s tallest animal?

Answer: The male giraffe.


34) What was enforced by Parliament in 1379 and was the trigger that caused the ‘Peasant’s Revolt’ of UK?

Answer: Poll tax.


Important General Knowledge Online Quiz Questions and Answers Part 3 (35-50)


35) The satellite that orbits a planet is a:

Answer: Moon.


36) Don River, a major river in Russia empties into which sea?

Answer: Sea of Azov.


37) Labeled arrows on diagrams should be:

Answer: horizontal.


38) Archaeology focuses on:

Answer: Pre-historic Societies.


39) In chemistry, room temperature is:

Answer: 25 degrees Celsius.


40) In which Asian Country the Zoroastrian religion was founded?

Answer: Iran.


41) What weathering chemicals are made by decaying plants?

Answer: Acids.


42) What is a bond?

Answer: Bond is a promise of the issuer to pay principal and interest at a specified time.


43) The rule to calculate Force is:

Answer: Mass X acceleration.


44) What was the name, which Henry Fox Talbot called his technique?

Answer: Calotype or talbotype.



45) What were first issued in 1950 and allowed people to ‘pay by plastic’?

Answer: Credit cards.


46) When did China join the United Nations?

Answer: 1971.


47) What material forms the hard outermost layer of a human tooth?

Answer: Enamel.


48) French Renaissance furniture can be divided into two important styles. Which are they?

Answer: Francis 1 and Henry II.


49) Who was the first woman to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross medal?

Answer: Amelia Earhart.


50) The Andes Mountains are composed largely of which rocks?

Answer: Igneous rocks.


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