How to Think Better – 10 Ways to Improve Critical Thinking

How To Think Better


How to Think Better - 10 Ways to Improve Critical Thinking


One thing that is of utmost importance when seeking out self-improvement is the art of thinking, and today we’ll be discussing steps to thinking better.


So how can you improve your ability to think? Here are the 10 ways to improve your critical thinking


  1. Be realistic about the situation at hand; if you are attempting to solve a problem that is not solvable, do not spend unnecessary amounts of time trying to come up with a solution. If you must, walk away and come back later when you have fresh ideas on the matter.


  1. There is always more than one answer to a question; do not allow yourself to become so focused on one solution that you completely overlook other possibilities. Always be open-minded, even if it means changing your original idea. Remember: there is no such thing as the perfect solution.


  1. If you find yourself dealing with a problem that you do not know how to solve, don’t give up and accept defeat. Use the resources around you to make the best decision possible for your situation.


  1. If you are ever having a hard time coming up with solutions to problems, try brainstorming them first before thinking of an actual plan of action. Brainstorming can lead you in many different directions that otherwise may have been overlooked.


  1. Always try to be positive; think of the worst alternative first before thinking of other possibilities. This will force you to think about the less likely possibilities and allow you to come up with the best solution possible.


  1. Keep in mind that there will always be obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals; be prepared for them, but try to remain optimistic and remain focused on your overall goal. After all, happy people are more successful than those that are not.


  1. If you are ever having trouble coming up with ideas, don’t hesitate to ask for help from others; this will give you a fresh perspective on the matter which can lead to better solutions or a better plan of action altogether.


  1. Do not rush to correct a mistake; instead, use your mistakes to help you understand the problem better. Never view failure as the end, but rather as a learning experience.


  1. Think about the bigger picture; do not get caught up in minor details that are irrelevant to your overall goal. Instead, look at the big picture, and focus on what is most important. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary confusion when trying to find a solution.


  1. Remember that everything is easier said than done; if you come across something that seems simple enough, then rest assured that it probably won’t be as simple when you actually attempt it. Usually, the simplest solution is the most difficult one to think of.


Following these steps will not make you a genius overnight, but it will help you to think better and in turn, live better as well. So don’t settle with average; think like a genius!


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