How Much Do You Know About Amsterdam

How Much Do You Know About Amsterdam

How Much Do You Know About Amsterdam

1) Which international society headquartered in Amsterdam is dedicated to the preservation of the environment?
Answer: Friends of the Earth International

2) Which monumental building started construction in 1648?
Answer: The Royal Palace.

3) The city of Amsterdam is at the meeting point of two rivers, what are the names of the two rivers?
Answer: IJ and the Amstel.

4) For centuries, what has been the heart of Amsterdam?
Answer: Dam Square

5) It is divided into how many islands by canals?
Answer: 90

6) What great Dutch painter comes to mind when people think of Amsterdam?
Answer: Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

7) Who was the famous American jazz trumpeter who died in Amsterdam in 1989?
Answer: Chet Baker

8) Which museum houses one of the biggest collections of Dutch and Flemish Old Masters?
Answer: Rijksmuseum

9) What is the number of bridges that connect all of Amsterdam’s?
Answer: 1,500 bridges

10) Where is the famous flea market in Amsterdam?
Answer: In Waterlooplein

11) What museum has the most modern works of art?
Answer: Stedelijk Museum

12) It was in 1369 and it’s been one of the most important members of the __________, which was established to protect and foster trade.
Answer: Hanseatic League

13) Name the resident symphony orchestra of Amsterdam.
Answer: Concertgebouw Orchestra

14) Which painting by Rembrandt is famous for depicting local gentry in militia costumes?
Answer: The Night Watch

15) When was Amsterdam founded as a city?
Answer: 1300


From its museums and broad cultural history, Amsterdam has been known as one of the world’s most cultured cities, with more than one museum per every 100,000 residents.
Amsterdam is a city popular with tourists from all over the world. Many travel there to visit museums and historic sites and to enjoy the beauty of the local architecture.

Narrow Houses

You may have already guessed that Amsterdam’s cityscape is narrow-fronted for a reason. The city was developed during the 17th century, when property owners were taxed on its frontage width. Cleverly, many people built homes that were wider at the rear, giving the appearance of a narrow house.
The reason Amsterdam’s houses are so narrow — and one you might have already guessed — is because of money.


Never fear tourists in Amsterdam! There’s a new way to get around: hitching a ride with a local. So how does it work? Well, when you spot a cyclist with a yellow luggage rack, you have to shout “backie” which should prompt the cyclist to offer a lift.

Send off

In Amsterdam, you’ll never be alone. Ger Frits is a funeral director and Frank Starik is a poet. They have made it their life’s mission to ensure that residents of Amsterdam can enjoy a proper send off, even if they are lonely.

Amsterdam Stock Exchange

The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the world’s oldest stock exchange. Established by the Dutch East India Company in 1602, this financial institution once occupied the Beurs van Berlage building, which still stands today. Much to their own dismay, Londoners will not dispute the age of this esteemed company.


Although Amsterdam is well known for its coffee shops, where the sale of cannabis is technically prohibited by law, the city actually has a long history of promoting open-mindedness and acceptance towards cannabis.


Venice is the most well-known canalled city in the world, but not because of quantity. Amsterdam boasts over 165 canals, about 15 more than Venice.

Leaning Houses

Amsterdam is home to seven “leaning” houses, or so-called “tippy” houses. A local issue caused these homes to be build on sinking foundations and tilt, causing the upper floors to actually slide down towards the street below. Instead of rebuilding the leaning buildings, the buildings were stabilized by straightening their facades. Now with perfectly level buildings, tourists and locals alike enjoy the unique views from these “leaning” houses.

Herbal Tea

Smoking tobacco in cafés and restaurants was banned in Amsterdam as of 2008. The law is part of a larger effort to protect the health of the city’s residents, and it also aims to curtail the presence of secondhand smoke. As a substitute, shops are mixing a kind of herbal tea for patrons, but if authorities find tobacco use on premises they will be fined.

Six Feet of Water

Amsterdam is incredibly waterlogged, lying below sea level, without the many innovations that the Dutch made over hundreds of years, Amsterdam would be submerged under about six feet of water.


Amsterdam is a city of over 2,500 floating houses known as houseboats. They’ve become somewhat of an icon of the city and many have been converted into hotels or bed & breakfasts, making them the perfect choice for those who want to experience life on the water.

Safest City

Salutations! Amsterdam is among the safest cities in the world. Since its reputation is so “anything goes,” you probably didn’t know this one: Amsterdam is actually safer than most other prevalent European urban communities — and it ranks 13th in personal safety surveys.


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