GK Questions and Answers for School Students

GK Questions and Answers for School Students


GK Questions and Answers for School Students


100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions for Students Part 1 (Questions 1-20)


1) How many hair leave an average human’s head everyday?

Answer: 75 to 150.


2) Eastern neighbouring countries of Tibet:

Answer: Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan.


3) Marius Petipa with his assistant Lev Ivanov created which immortal classic ballet in the 19th century?

Answer: Swan lake.


4) How many persons signed the “Satyagraha” pledge whom Gandhi had called together in a small conference at his Sabarmati Ashram?

Answer: Twenty-four.


5) Which layer of plants receives full sunlight?

Answer: Canopy.


6) A river that joins into ocean has deep, broad mouth, called:

Answer: Estuary.


7) Paleontologists work on:

Answer: Fossils.


8) Which theory of child development says a child’s development depends mainly on experience with reward and punishment?

Answer: Learning theory.


9) Who are considered as the founders of modern philosophy?

Answer: Francis Bacon and René Descartes.


10) If the vein of the leg is injured, what should we do?

Answer: Iie down on the bed or ground and raise hold the leg vertically.


11) Name the vitamin necessary for the production of the elements required for the clotting of blood:

Answer: Vitamin K.


12) The crust and the substratum each have uniform but different densities. Name this theory:

Answer: Airy Theory of Isostasy.


13) In frog an opening the oral cavity, teeth which are present in a single row on the upper jaw, are called:

Answer: Maxillary teeth.


14) The year in which Rome was founded:

Answer: 753 B.C.


15) Who gave a set of rules for the government of monastic order?

Answer: St. Basil.


16) Who replaced Khrushchev of the former U.S.S.R?

Answer: Alexei Kosygin.


17) The Ceylon Prime Minister who was assassinated in 1959?

Answer: S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike.


18) The Place where the Co-operative Movement was started in England in 1844:

Answer: Rochdale.


19) The country that became a super power after the First World War:

Answer: USA.


20) St. John town at one time held claim to be the capital of Scotland. By what name is it now known?

Answer: Perth.


Top GK Questions and Answers for School Students Part 2 (Questions 21-40)


21) The hot desert which is covered with large sized rocks:

Answer: Hamada.


22) A ‘tolbooth’ was a building formerly used as a custom house or a town house. To what other use was it sometimes put?

Answer: A gaol.


23) The biggest of the landlocked countries of Asia:

Answer: Afghanistan.


24) In which country is Serbia?

Answer: Yugoslavia.


25) ‘It is a woman’s business to get married as soon as possible, and a man’s to keep unmarried as long as he can, Where is this said?

Answer: Bernard Shaw’s ‘Man and Superman’


26) Which is the smallest State in USA?

Answer: Rhode Island.


27) In 1929 the Soviet Union banned an English writer for ‘Occultism and Spiritualism’ who is the writer?

Answer: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


28) Which countries are separated by the Tasman Sea?

Answer: Australia and New Zealand.


29) What instrument is used for showing the topography of the sun?

Answer: Pyrometer.


30) Who developed the concept of representative firm?

Answer: Alfred Marshall.


31) What is the name of India’s Second Satellite?

Answer: Bhaskara-I.


32) Which were the first occasions when there were ties for the Best Actor and Best Actress Oscar?

Answer: 1932 (Fredric March and Wallace Beery); 1968 (Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand).


33) The biography of which Hollywood sex symbol has been written by Norman Mailer?

Answer: Marilyn Monroe.


34) What are the main conditions for a country to become a member of the UNO?

Answer: (1) The country must be peace-loving and willing to accept UN charter, (2) Must be judged competent by the UN to carry out these aims and objects, (3) Must be recommended by the security council and (4) The membership must be confirmed by the UN General Assembly.


35) The front side of each Nobel Prize medal has:

Answer: A bust of Alfred Nobel.


36) Who won the heptathlon gold in 1996 Atlanta Olympics?

Answer: Ghada Shouaa (Syria).


37) Who scored the maximum goals in Euro‘96?

Answer: Alan Shearer of England – 5 goals.


38) A cricket pavilion has been named after Bishan Singh Bedi. Where?

Answer: At Jalandhar Stadium.


39) Name the gold medal winners in women’s doubles in Bangkok Asian Games,’98?

Answer: Li Fang and Chen Li (China).


40) Whose autobiography is named “You can reach there from here”?

Answer: Shirley MacLaine.


Basic GK Questions and Answers for School Students Part 3 (Questions 41-60)


41) How many signs were there in the Sumerian language?

Answer: About 400 signs.


42) Write few examples of xerophytes:

Answer: Capparis, Ziziphus, Acacia.


43) Aero-metal is an alloy of what?

Answer: Aluminium, Zinc and Copper.


44) What is the remuneration paid to the operative staff whose output can be directly measured?

Answer: Wages.


45) What is an art of devising ciphers?

Answer: Cryptography.


46) Which is Extremely High Frequencies (EHF) band?

Answer: 30-300 Ghz.


47) Contour farming is practiced in:

Answer: Hilly areas with steep slopes.


48) Mainly what should be added for a good deal of sustainability to intensive agriculture?

Answer: Healthy soil community.


49) As mathematical formulae are approximations, how does an engineer design, for instance, steel beam? for bridges, so that they do not collapse when built?

Answer: He makes the beams stronger ban what the formula dictates.


50) What is the velocity of sound in vacuum (in m/s)?

Answer: 0.


51) Who was the first explorer to circumnavigate the Antarctica?

Answer: Captain James Cook.


52) Who wrote “The charge of the Light Brigade”?

Answer: Tennyson.


53) According to Astrology the only one planet which does not have an enemy:

Answer: Moon.


54) What is the exhaust gas temperature of an internal combustion engine?

Answer: About 300o C.


55) What is the main reason for all sorrows, according to Buddha?

Answer: Birth.


56) Whose dying words were: ‘Give Dayrolles (a visitor) a chair’?

Answer: Lord Chesterfield.


57) The composers Béla Bartók and Franz Liszt were of the same nationality. Which was their nationality?

Answer: Hungarian.


58) Where is the seat of Lord Brahma?

Answer: Satyaloka.


59) Varahagiri Venkata Giri was the President of India during the period of:

Answer: 1967-1974.


60) Which river rises in the slopes of Riesengebirge in Czechoslovakia and flow into the North sea at Cuxhaven Germany?

Answer: Elbe.


Most Asking GK Questions and Answers for School Students Part 4 (Questions 61-80)


61) The main characteristic of community:

Answer: ‘We feeling’.


62) What is the meaning of the name ‘Christ’?

Answer: The Anointed One.


63) The loans, the discount houses borrow from the commercial banks are known as:

Answer: Call loans.


64) Who developed a simple telegraph that had a stable current produced by batteries?

Answer: Alfred Vail.


65) What was the name of the meeting of Allied leaders in February 1945, that marked the high point of war time good will between the United States and the Soviet Union?

Answer: Yalta Conference.


66) When was Mohammad Nabi born?

Answer: In A.D 571.


67) What were the most impressive pieces of English Renaissance furniture?

Answer: Beds.


68) To create maps from the photographs, the mapmakers use a process called:

Answer: Photogrammetry.


69) Fishes with rayed fins are known as:

Answer: Ray-finned fishes.


70) The first part of the Stone Age is called:

Answer: Paleolithic period.


71) The ways of using digital files:

Answer: It can be transmitted to desktop printer to produce proof, it can be stored on a computer disk for later use, it can be sent through computer network via a device called modem or it can be sent to a photo Imagesetter.


72) Name the Greek dramatist who won 13 contests for tragedy?

Answer: Aeschylus.


73) The parliament passes this act every year relating to income and expenditure of the Government. Name it:

Answer: Finance Act.


74) What is the full form of ASA?

Answer: American Standard Association.


75) How many members are there in the Naphtali tribe?

Answer: Fifty three thousand and four hundred.


76) Who is known as ‘father of Indian cinema’?

Answer: Dadasaheb Phalke.


77) What are the main qualities a ramp model should have?

Answer: Less thickness and more height.


78) The revolutionary party was adapted by whom?

Answer: Lenin.


79) What is the use of stop-watch?

Answer: To indicate fractions of seconds.


80) What is the currency of Bhutan:

Answer: Ngultrum.


Latest GK Questions and Answers for School Students Part 5 (Questions 81-100)


81) Main tourist centre of Israel:

Answer: Jerusalem.


82) Whether the hair will grow or not if a particular type of oil is used?

Answer: No.


83) Which are the Northern neighbouring countries of Tibet?

Answer: Autonomous province of Xinjiang and the province of Qinghai.


84) In the 1920’s which music was considered as sinful to ‘Check to Check’ dancing?

Answer: Jazz.


85) In connection with the inauguration of the so-called “Rowlatt Satyagraha”, Gandhi started a Satyagraha Sabha in:

Answer: Bombay.


86) Which are the animals that live in the canopy?

Answer: Fruit-eating birds, insects and mammals that eat leaves or fruit.


87) Runoff collects in tiny, temporary channels called:

Answer: Rills.


88) Name the organs that are functional in some plants and animals while useless in others:

Answer: Vestigial organs.


89) Learning theorists base their ideas on which two types of learning?

Answer: Classical conditioning and Instrumental conditioning.


90) The philosopher Rene Descartes belongs to:

Answer: France.


91) What should we do for stopping the bleeding from injured vein of hand?

Answer: Raise the hand upwards.


92) How did Ebola Virus disease get its name?

Answer: This disease was first diagnosed on the bank of Ebola River in Sudan.


93) According to the doctrine of Isostasy a region of lower density shows:

Answer: Negative anomaly and Mass excess.


94) What is the branch of zoology that deals with the study of muscles?

Answer: Myology.


95) The rivers that watered Mesopotamia:

Answer: Euphrates and Tigris.


96) The year in which Prophet Muhammad died:

Answer: AD 632.


97) The Army General who assumed power in Congo through a bloodless coup-de-fate in 1965 August 15:

Answer: Mobutu Sese Seko.


98) A lifelong campaigner for white supremacy in South Africa and the Prime Minister who died in 1959?

Answer: Dr. Daniel François Malan.


99) The American President who put forward the idea for the formation of League of Nations:

Answer: Woodrow Wilson.


100) The Second World War was fought between the years:

Answer: 1939-45.


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