General Trivia Questions and Answers 2022

General Trivia Questions 2022


General Trivia Questions and Answers 2022


General Trivia Questions and Answers Part 1


1) Atahualpa the last leader of which empire?

Answer: Inca Empire


2) What part of the eye is affected by cataracts?
A) Lens
B) Iris
C) Pupil
D) Cornea
E) Optic nerve

Answer: A
They are corrected when the lens is surgically removed and replaced with an artificial one.


3) A division of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, what do the initials ATF stand for?

Answer: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms


4) In the game blackjack, which of these words describes a hand of cards totaling higher than 21?
A) Split
B) Bust
C) Hit
D) Push

Answer: B


5) Which river begins in the Himalayas, and empties into the Arabian Sea?
A) Orinoco
B) Indus
C) Tigris
D) Ganges
E) Danube

Answer: B
This 1800 mile river is not navigable, but is used for irrigation and hydroelectric power.


6) This man directed films of “Hamlet,” “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Taming of the Shrew”:
A) Franco Zeffirelli
B) Laurence Olivier
C) Orson Welles
D) Kenneth Branagh
E) Peter Brooks

Answer: A
Actor Mel Gibson’s “Hamlet” is the most recent of his Shakespearean ventures.


7) The “Statue of Freedom” can be found on top of the dome of which famous building in the U.S.?

Answer: The U.S. Capitol


8) In what country do people speak the language Esperanto?

Answer: Nowhere
It is an artificial international language, which never became accepted.


9) In dance, “The Twist” and “The Mashed Potato” were first made popular in which decade?

Answer: 60s


10) Which of the following statements about reindeer is false?
A) They can pull sleds
B) North American reindeer are called caribou
C) They subsist primarily on small insects
D) Female reindeer have antlers

Answer: C
Reindeer feed on vegetation such as grasses, leaves, mosses, and lichens, obtained by scraping away the snow cover with their antlers and hooves.


11) The Malthusian theories concern this issue:
A) World overpopulation
B) The Big Bang
C) Evolution vs. creation
D) White supremacy
E) Euthanasia

Answer: A
17th-century economist Thomas Malthus believed population would exceed earth’s resources.


12) What 1926 novel got Ernest Hemingway dubbed ‘spokesman of the lost generation’?
A) For Whom the Bell Tolls
B) The Sun Also Rises
C) Death in the Afternoon

Answer: B


13) What “F” is a strategy used in the U.S. Senate to delay or prevent voting on proposed legislation?

Answer: Filibuster


14) Who was the first woman in space?

Answer: Velentina Tereshkova became the first woman to travel in space. She made 45 revolutions of the earth in the spacecraft Vostok 6 on June 16, 1963. The first American woman in space was Sally Ride, who made her first trip aboard the shuttle Challenger on June 18, 1983.


15) What kind of creature is an ibex?

Answer: Goat


General Trivia Questions and Answers Part 2


16) Which nation’s basic unit of currency is the nuevo sol?
A) Peru
B) South Africa
C) Norway
D) China
E) Bulgaria

Answer: A
With inflation running rampant, the nuevo sol is Peru’s third currency since the mid-80s.


17) What color is the background of the Japanese flag?

Answer: White


18) Which of the following organs are parts of the digestive system?
A) Kidney and liver
B) Liver and pancreas
C) Kidney and pancreas

Answer: B
The liver and pancreas are part of the digestive system–they release digestive juices into the digestive tract. They are called “accessory digestive organs” because they are located outside of the digestive system (or alimentary canal).


19) Which jellyfish, also known as hair jelly, can grow to be longer than a blue whale?

Answer: The lion’s mane jellyfish. Although the blue whale can grow to about 100 feet long, some lion’s mane jellyfish have been reported to be 200 feet long! The sting of this jellyfish is not fatal- remedies for a sting include isopropyl alcohol, vinegar or meat tenderizer.


20) Which country does not have compulsory voting?
A) Mexico
B) Greece
C) Chile
D) Canada

Answer: D


21) The number of degrees that a star is positioned along the horizon is its:
A) Azimuth
B) Elevation
C) Horizon

Answer: A


22) Which field of learning attracted the attention of the ancient Greek Galen?

Answer: Medicine


23) The unit for pressure is:
A) Newtons per cubic meter
B) Newtons per square meter
C) kilograms per meter

Answer: B


24) Which theory states that the rate of a reaction depends on the number of collisions between the reactants?
A) Reactant theory
B) Collision theory
C) Reaction theory
D) Reactant rate theory

Answer: B


25) An example of a food rich in proteins is:
A) Fruit
B) French fries
C) Fish

Answer: C


26) What were the surnames of Thomas and Arthur who collaborated to write “the Savoy operas”?

Answer: Gilbert & Sullivan


27) What is the former name of Myanmar?

Answer: Burma.


28) Who was the last Tudor monarch?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth I


29) What was the first mineral found in significant quantities in the colony of New South Wales?

Answer: Coal


30) Where in the British Isles are Macgillycuddy’s Reeks and the Giant’s Causeway?

Answer: Ireland


General Trivia Questions and Answers Part 3


31) Giant worms over 3 meters long live at the bottom of the sea beside hydrothermal vents called smokers. True or False?
A) True
B) False

Answer: A


32) What do you call a grouping of hounds? (pick three)

Answer: a pack, a mute, a cry
A pack, mute or cry of hounds


33) Who was the only US president to grow up with a language other than English as his mother tongue?

Answer: Martin Van Buren
Dutch was the primary language in the household where Van Buren grew up.


34) Louisville, Kentucky, contains the largest publishing house in the world for a particular group of people. Who?

Answer: The blind


35) The Mexican commander during the Mexican war was:
A) Santa Lopez
B) Santa Domingo
C) Santa Ana
D) Santa Claus

Answer: C


36) Romania lies on which sea?
A) Black
B) Mediterranean
C) Caspian
D) Adriatic

Answer: A


37) The imaginary point around which the stars in the southern hemisphere appear to rotate is the:
A) South celestial pole
B) North celestial pole
C) Pole star

Answer: A


38) What science is the study of missiles in motion?

Answer: Ballistics


39) What is the name of the unit that measures relative loudness?

Answer: Decibel.


40) Who was the only bachelor President of the US?
A) Zackary Taylor
B) James Polk
C) James Buchanan
D) Martin Van Buren

Answer: C


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