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General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1 (Quiz 1-25)


1) What is the temperature of the core of the sun, where the thermonuclear reaction takes place?
Answer: Around 15 million K.


2) What is Funaria?
Answer: Moss.


3) What are the neutrons and protons in an atom collectively known as?
Answer: Nucleons.


4) Who called management as a “Behavioural science”?
Answer: Chester Barnard.


5) The fundamental building blocks of HTML are called the :
Answer: HTML tags.


6) Current conduction with the PNP transistor takes place by hole conduction from:
Answer: Emitter to the collector.


7) The landing and take off areas of heliports are marked with:
Answer: Letter H.


8) What is the name of the resource which is directly or indirectly derived from the photosynthetic activity of green plants?
Answer: Biotic resource.


9) Who said, “The new power is not money in the hands of the few, but the information in the hands of the many”?
Answer: John Naisbitt.


10) Properties of the latest computer mouse:
Answer: Identifies person by recognizing the pattern of veins in hand.


11) Which are the methods adopted to count traffic for traffic survey?
Answer: Automatic traffic counts, Manual counts, and Turning movements.


12) When did the empire established by the Sumerians come to an end?
Answer: In 2650 B.C.


13) What is Chromosphere?
Answer: The layer around the photosphere.


14) What is Riccia?
Answer: It is a liverwort as it is like a flat lobed thallus.


15) Write Einstein’s mass-energy relation:
Answer: E = MC2


16) If the start tag of an HTML is <TAG> the end tag will be:
Answer: </TAG>


17) The collector current in either type of junction transistor is always less than:
Answer: Emitter current.


18) The boundary of the landing and take off areas of heliports are illuminated by:
Answer: Blue light.


19) Name a biotic resource:
Answer: Fruits.


20) Which book on mathematics has been described as a “scientific poem”?
Answer: Mécanique analytique.


21) Who invented Adhesive tape?
Answer: Richard. G. Drew.


22) Which are the methods adopted to count traffic for Area-wide survey?
Answer: Number plate survey, Origin, and destination survey, Roadside interview survey, and Self-completion forms.


23) When was I.S.R.O set up?
Answer: April 19, 1969.


24) In which years were the Oscar Statuette not made of metal?
Answer: During World War II, when a metal conservation drive was on, the Oscars were made of plaster in a symbolic gesture.


25) Which was the movie advertised as India’s first underwater movie?
Answer: ‘Anmol Moti ‘starring Jeetendra and Babita.


Latest General Knowledge and Quiz Questions Answers Part 2 (Quiz 26-50)


26) When was the U.N. charter drafted?
Answer: In April 1915.


27) Which are the prizes included in Nobel Prize?
Answer: A Gold Medal, a Diploma and Cash.


28) Which British athlete won the Gold Medal in the women’s long jump at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964?
Answer: Mary Rand.


29) When was the 11-a-side football game standardized?
Answer: 1870.


30) When and why was the crimson cricket ball (red cherry color) changed into white in color?
Answer: Australians changed it into white color to suit the night cricket plays.


31) Who won the Davis Cup in its inaugural year?
Answer: The USA in 1900.


32) Who directed the group of scientists in the Manhattan Project which succeeded in creating the atom bomb in 1945?
Answer: J. Robert Oppenheimer.


33) Where is the headquarters of I.S.R.O?
Answer: Bangalore.


34) Besides the Oscar Statuette, what are the other mementos awarded by the Academy?
Answer: Plaques for Scientific and Engineering Awards and certificates for Technical Achievement Awards.


35) Which theatre in India introduced the continuous show system?
Answer: Blue Diamond in Madras.


36) Where was the U.N. charter drafted?
Answer: San Francisco.


37) When was Economics included in Nobel Prize list?
Answer: 1969.


38) Who was the first athlete to be awarded the Padma Shri?
Answer: Milkha Singh.


39) ‘Soccer’ also means football. Who invented this word?
Answer: Charles. W. Brown ( England).


40) When where and between whom was the first official Cricket Test Match played?
Answer: At Melbourne between Australia and England on March 15-19, 1877.


41) Which is the world’s oldest Lawn Tennis Tournament?
Answer: Wimbledon, since 1877.


42) Which insect has the largest number of species in the world?
Answer: Beetle.


43) What does the term ‘MG’ mean in film parlance?
Answer: Minimum Guarantee.


44) Which signs are ruled by Jupiter?
Answer: Sagittarius and Pisces.


45) Engines belong to two main classes. What are they?
Answer: Internal Combustion and External Combustion.


46) What is the meaning of Arhat?
Answer: Buddhist saint who attained ‘sambodhi’.


47) Which group of brothers had their first US hit with “I Want You Back” in 1969?
Answer: The Jackson Five.


48) What sort of mythical creature is identified with the constellation Sagittarius?
Answer: Centaur.


49) What is the title of the presiding officer who keeps order in the House of Commons?
Answer: Speaker.


50) What is the imaginary lines drawn to connect places on a map which have the same elevation above sea-level?
Answer: Contour line.


General Knowledge and Quiz Questions Answers Part 3 (Quiz 51-76)


51) Sociology is a science. Why?
Answer: It is methodical.


52) Who is the detective story writer, once himself a Pinkerton detective, that wrote: “The Maltese Falcon”?
Answer: Dashiell Hammett.


53) Which was the first English poetry anthology?
Answer: Tottel’s Miscellany.


54) Which signs are ruled by Mercury?
Answer: Gemini and Virgo.


55) Name the type of engine in which combustion takes place outside the engine:
Answer: External Combustion engine.


56) Name the palace in which Tibetan lamas live:
Answer: Potala Palace.


57) Who wrote the song ‘White Christmas’ in 1942?
Answer: Irving Berlin.


58) What is the collective name for the three sisters who had wings, talons, huge teeth and snake for hair?
Answer: Gorgons.


59) Which conservative MP was a middle distance runner who won two Olympic gold medals and set 11 world records during the 1970s and 1980s?
Answer: Sebastian Coe.


60) A shallow portion of sea bottom that borders continents:
Answer: Continental shelf.


61) Which is the widely used method of data collection in Sociology?
Answer: Interview.


62) Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was a lecturer in Mathematics at Christ Church College in Oxford. What did he write that made him famous?
Answer: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


63) Name the Greek philosopher who wrote the earliest surviving and most influential essay on drama?
Answer: Aristotle.


64) What is the expanded form of COFEPOSA?
Answer: Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act.


65) Who introduced the wet plate collodion process of making negatives in the camera?
Answer: Scott Archer of London, 1851.


66) What name Jacob given to the place where God spoke with him?
Answer: Bethel.


67) Who is the lion of Punjab?
Answer: Lala Lajpat Rai.


68) Which is the place of birth of the fashion photographer, Richard Avedon?
Answer: New York.


69) Who is the leader, made his own noncommunist revolution?
Answer: Fidel Castro.


70) What is fathom?
Answer: The unit to measure the depth of the sea.


71) The currency of Armenia is _
Answer: The Dram.


72) How many tourist resort centers are there at Belgium seashore which is having the length of 62 kilometers?
Answer: 15.


73) Who wrote “Poetics” which is the most famous essay on drama?
Answer: Aristotle.


74) What is the expanded form of MRTP?
Answer: Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act.


75) Who invented the Dry Plate Photographic Process?
Answer: Dr. R.L. Maddox.


76) Who is the lion of Kashmir?
Answer: Sheikh Abdullah.


General Knowledge and Quiz Questions Answers Part 4 (Quiz 77-100)


77) What is a sweater?
Answer: A knitted pullover.


78) Fidel Castro made his own noncommunist revolution. But he put it into the organizational framework, of:
Answer: The old Cuban Communist Party.


79) What is the name of the device that measures weight by the tension of a spring?
Answer: Spring balance.


80) The currency of Australia
Answer: Dollar.


81) Where do the tourists who reach Nigeria go to enjoy the weekend?
Answer: Benin.


82) Who is called the Light of the World?
Answer: Jesus Christ.


83) An economic system consists of three kinds of spending units. Which are they?
Answer: Consumer households, business firms, and government.


84) Which became the first newspaper to use Koenig’s press?
Answer: The Times of London.


85) Which of the Western bloc acted independently of U.S policies?
Answer: West Germany.


86) The best-known Chinese chair design had a piece of wood that formed the center of the chairs back. That piece of wood is known as:
Answer: Splat.


87) The Appalachian Mountains extends a distance of about:
Answer: 1,500 miles.


88) Which animal was fed by opening their shells and filtering food from the water with a comb-like organ?
Answer: Brachiopods.


89) The footprint of Australopithecus afarensis resembled:
Answer: Those of modern people.


90) Which are the three steps included in the printing process?
Answer: Typesetting, preparing illustrations for reproduction and page make up.


91) Who was the first Roman emperor to embrace Christianity?
Answer: Constantine the Great.


92) “Banks are institutions whose debts -usually referred to as bank deposits – are commonly accepted in final settlement of other people’s debts”. Who said this?
Answer: Richard Sidney Sayers.


93) Who made the first permanent photograph?
Answer: Nicéphore Niépce.


94) What searched for a new economic and political relationship with other European countries, including Eastern Germany?
Answer: Independent policy of France and Western Germany.


95) The Renaissance was a period of European history that lasted from:
Answer: About 1300 to 1600.


96) The Rocky Mountains stretch for about:
Answer: 3,300 miles.


97) Animals with backbones are called:
Answer: Vertebrates.


98) From where Australopithecus afarensis bones were founded?
Answer: Chad, in north-central Africa.


99) What is Typesetting?
Answer: Is the assembly of individual letters and numbers to create the text portion of the printed piece.


100) The man who first assessed the mass of the earth?
Answer: Dr. Nevil Maskelyne.


General Knowledge and Quiz Questions Answers Part 5 (Quiz 101-130)


101) The location of “Hanging Gardens of Babylon’ is:
Answer: Iraq (100 km south of Baghdad city.


102) In this country Jute is the principal foreign exchange earner. Which country?
Answer: Bangladesh.


103) In which country is the Matterhorn?
Answer: Switzerland.


104) Two South African provinces take their names from rivers. Which are they?
Answer: Orange Free State and Transvaal.


105) Which state of America enjoys Mediterranean climate?
Answer: California.


106) Where does South America’s longest river have its source?
Answer: In the Andes.


107) Which part of Australia is known as “the land of Van Die Man?”
Answer: Tasmania.


108) What is the average of salinity of sea water?
Answer: 3.5%.


109) “The Communist Manifesto’, written jointly by Marx and Engels was published in:
Answer: 1848.


110) Which are the four layers in the outer surface of the earth?
Answer: (i) Lithosphere (ii) Hydrosphere (iii) Atmosphere (iv) Biosphere.


111) The two important ports of the Red Sea:
Answer: Port Said and Aden.


112) The highest peak in Nepal?
Answer: Mount Everest.


113) In which country is Flanders?
Answer: Belgium.


114) Which city is known as “Heart of America”?
Answer: Boston, USA.


115) Which is the only country in South America with an ‘Atlantic’ and a “Pacific” coast?
Answer: Columbia.


116) What is the prime export of Australia?
Answer: Woolen Goods.


117) The mixture of gasoline and alcohol is called:
Answer: Gasohol.


118) ‘The Critique of Political Economy’, the first fruits of Karl Marx’s long painstaking research at the British Museum, appeared in :
Answer: 1859.


119) Which chemical substance acts as the neurotransmitter at the nerve endings?
Answer: Acetylcholine.


120) What is the most important and drastic composition boundary within the Earth?
Answer: Gutenberg Discontinuity.


121) Cylindrical rod found at least in embryos of all vertebrates is:
Answer: Notochord.


122) Which Indian king put up a tough resistance and fight against Alexander?
Answer: Porus of Punjab.


123) Which subject is called the queen of science in the middle ages?
Answer: Theology.


124) The Egyptian ruler who nationalized the Suez Canal?
Answer: Gamal Abdel Nasser.


125) Where can you find the White House :
Answer: Washington D.C, USA.


126) The Greek Geographer who made a calculation of the diameter of the moon and distance between the earth and the moon:
Answer: Hipparchus.


127) The war that was fought between England and France from 1756 to 1763:
Answer: Seven years war.


128) Name the German battleship which sunk “The Hood” in May 1941 only to be sunk itself a few days later:
Answer: The Bismarck.


129) After death, the body stiffens within a few hours. What is this process known as?
Answer: Rigor mortis.


130) What is the “Mantle Transition Zone” at about 370-720 km depth?
Answer: Overlain by the Upper Mantle and underlain by the Lower Mantle.


General Knowledge and Quiz Questions Answers Part 6 (Quiz 131-160)


131) Bone matrix is made up of a protein called _
Answer: Ossein.


132) The thing that the Neanderthal Man accidentally discovered;
Answer: Fire.


133) The first university was started at:
Answer: Paris.


134) The name of the Parliament of Japan:
Answer: Diat.


135) The countries to be affected first by the ozone hole:
Answer: Chile and Argentina (South America).


136) The inventors of Concrete:
Answer: Romans.


137) The year in which the First war of American independence started:
Answer: AD 1775.


138) By what title was Oliver Cromwell known?
Answer: Lord Protector.


139) If the artery is injured, where we have to press strongly?
Answer: Main centers through which the blood vessels carries blood to the injured part.


140) Height of Everest:
Answer: 8,848 metre.


141) Name the folk dance which is performed by rustics in Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s dream”?
Answer: Bergomask.


142) Karamchand Gandhi became the Dewan of Porbandar at the age of:
Answer: 25.


143) One of the most valuable products made from wood is:
Answer: Paper.


144) Where is the Amazon River located?
Answer: South America.


145) Protection of soil against loss is called:
Answer: Soil conservation.


146) Watching the behavior of human beings and other animals in their natural environment involves in which technique?
Answer: Naturalistic observation.


147) The branches of philosophy:
Answer: Metaphysics, epistemology, logic, ethics, and aesthetics.


148) If the injury is in the leg, where should we press?
Answer: In the femoral artery ( in the top edge of the thigh).


149) What is the name of the hairdressing done by the pressure of strong wind?
Answer: Blow-dry styling.


150) Height of the Peak Namcha Barwa:
Answer: 7,756 m.


151) Name the folk dance of Chile, Northern Argentina, and Peru which came due to Spanish colonization?
Answer: Zamacueca or Marinera.


152) Gandhi was about 17 years old when he lost his:
Answer: Father.


153) What serves as chief fuel for cooking and heating in many parts of the world?
Answer: Wood.


154) Length of the Amazon River is:
Answer: 4,000 miles.


155) Phylloclade is the modification of stem which is meant for:
Answer: Photosynthesis.


156) Psychologists conducting naturalistic observation studies to try to observe a group. Such a group is called:
Answer: Representative sample.


157) In addition to the five branches which branch is main in philosophy?
Answer: The philosophy of language.


158) If the palm is injured, where should we have to press?
Answer: Blood vessel of the wrist.


159) Whose lines are these and from where?
Answer: T.S. Eliot’s, “Whispers of Immortality”.


160) What do you understand by the term Re-recording?
Answer: Recording of the background music.


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