80 General Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exams

80 General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams


General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams


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1) Who was the first ever Poet laureate?
Answer: John Dryden.


2) How many months was the Pony Express, the pioneer mail service in the Wild West, operational?
Answer: 18.


3) What is the name of six signs from Leo to Capricornus in Zodiac?
Answer: Solar signs.


4) How many feet are there in a nautical fathom?
Answer: Six.


5) What type of engines are petrol and diesel engines?
Answer: Internal combustion engines.


6) In which city was the first modern astronomical observatory built in India?
Answer: Chennai.


7) The term ‘Charanas’ indicate:
Answer: The saints who can travel by changing their shapes with the help of yogas.


8) When did the British Parliament transfer the power to govern India from the East India Company to the British crown?
Answer: 1858.


9) Who collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber to write Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’?
Answer: Tim Rice.


10) Name the ratio of speed between a flying object and the speed of sound:
Answer: Mach number.


11) What did Daedalus construct for king Minos so that he could keep the Minotaur there?
Answer: Labyrinth.


12) Through what country did Lady Godiva ride?
Answer: England.


13) Who was the first party leader in British politics to be elected by party members who were not MPS?
Answer: David Steel.


14) Macao, on the southern coast of mainland China, is a colony of which European nation?
Answer: Portugal.


15) Name an Island with a great history located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea:
Answer: Cyprus.


16) Which medicine helps urine production?
Answer: Diuretic.


17) Who said, “Society is a web of Social relationship”?
Answer: Robert Morrison MacIver.


18) Which Mughal emperor wrote his autobiography?
Answer: Babar.


19) His experience as a professional champion steeplechase jockey made him a specialist in racing crime fiction. Who is he?
Answer: Dick Francis.


20) In a classic featuring an adventure by the sea, Which sailor dreamed of toasted cheese?
Answer: Ben Gunn.


21) What is the range of frequency of sound audible to the human ear?
Answer: 20-20,000 Hertz.


22) What eminent scientist hosted the television show Cosmos?
Answer: Carl Sagan.


23) What is the most powerful radio object in the universe after the sun?
Answer: Jupiter.


24) What is depicted on the reverse side of a two pence coin?
Answer: The Prince of Wales’s Feathers.


25) Cavity of a gastrula opening to the exterior by a blastopore, finally which becomes the cavity of the gut is:
Answer: Archenteron.


Top General Knowledge Questions for Competitive Exams Part 2 (26-50)


26) Which animal is known to have the highest known metabolic rate and must eat incessantly to keep alive?
Answer: Mole.


27) The ancient people who invented the writing of Cuneiform:
Answer: The Sumerians.


28) When did Lord Curzon issue an order dividing the province of Bengal into two parts?
Answer: 1905.


29) The Dark Age is supposed to have ended in:
Answer: AD 1453.


30) What is the meaning of acerbity?
Answer: Bitterness.


31) The year in which Jesus was crucified:
Answer: A.D. 29.


32) Human bone is made of the mineral:
Answer: Calcium.


33) The name of the ground attack helicopters used in Yugoslavia by the NATO:
Answer: Apache.


34) It was formerly known as East Pakistan. By what name is it now known?
Answer: Bangladesh.


35) Who issued a set of rules for the government of monastic order?
Answer: St. Basil.


36) Which fish is generally released into the water for biological control of mosquito larvae?
Answer: Minnows.


37) The battle in which Napoleon defeated the English in 1793:
Answer: Toulon.


38) Who laid the foundation of the Federation Hall to mark the indestructible unity of Bengal?
Answer: Anandamohan Bose.


39) On 6lh May 1937 a German airship was involved in a disaster which claimed the lives of 33 people. What was its name?
Answer: The Hindenburg.


40) India is +5.5 hours from GMT. Which place is +12 hours?
Answer: New Zealand.


41) When did the Akkadians establish an empire?
Answer: 2350 B.C.


42) Which manufacturing company produced the first camera phone, called the J-Phone, that could send photos over a cellular network?
Answer: Sharp.


43) When was the largest sunspot detected?
Answer: 1947


44) What is the name of the strait which separates North Island from South Island in New Zealand?
Answer: Cook Strait.


45) When was the Forest Policy Act made in India?
Answer: 1955.


46) How many holes are there in a standard golf course, which is usually 5.5 km in length?
Answer: 18.


47) What is the wavelength range of visible radiation in Angstrom units?
Answer: 3600 – 7600 A0.


48) In which year the British Government adopted what came to be known as Minto-Morley Reforms?
Answer: 1909.


49) Who gave the keyword “POSDCORB” for management functions?
Answer: Luther Gulick.


50) What designed Windows 98?
Answer: Microsoft.


General Knowledge Online Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams Part 3 (51-80)


51) Kinshasa is the capital city of:
Answer: Zaire.


52) The entire variation in the collector current takes place at very low values of the:
Answer: Collector voltage.


53) How many computer languages are in use?
Answer: 2000.


54) Within 4.5 km distance from the runway end, the height of an object should not be more than:
Answer: 30 m.


55) Who was the Italian merchant explorer whose name was given to the continent of America?
Answer: Amerigo Vespucci.


56) What is the peculiarity of renewable resources?
Answer: Can be regenerated.


57) What is meant by the Missile Technology Control Regime?
Answer: Multilateral export control regime.


58) Who wrote one of the greatest mathematical treatises of ancient times, the “Arithmetica”?
Answer: Diophantus.


59) What is meant by chlorinated polyvinyl chloride?
Answer: Thermoplastic produced by chlorination of polyvinyl chloride resin.


60) Who invented the windshield wiper?
Answer: Mary Anderson (1903).


61) Which insect is the greatest disease carrier?
Answer: Housefly.


62) What are the names of the pollutants formed as a result of the chemical changes in the atmosphere?
Answer: Nitrogen dioxide and Ozone.


63) From what language do French and Spanish come?
Answer: Latin.


64) In Buddhism what does ‘Samsara’ mean?
Answer: The birth-death cycle.


65) On what part of the body is a “wimple” worn and who would normally be seen wearing it?
Answer: On the head of a nun – it is a form of headdress.


66) What is the treasury bills?
Answer: A finance bill used by the government to raise short term loans.


67) Which is the world’s highest battlefield?
Answer: Siachen.


68) Who developed the ‘daguerreotype’ a type of photograph that took only a few minutes to expose?
Answer: Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre.


69) Which day is observed as World Fisheries day?
Answer: November 21.


70) When did Soviet and West German leaders sign a treaty pledging peaceful relations between their nations?
Answer: 1970.


71) Androcles was a Roman slave. Which animal was he friendly with?
Answer: Lion.


72) During the early 1500s which was carved, gilded and painted with scenes from classical history and mythology?
Answer: Cassone.


73) Where were the Aegean Bronze Age civilizations located?
Answer: Greece.


74) The Pacific Mountain System consists of:
Answer: Two Parallel chains of mountains.


75) What is meant by UFO?
Answer: Unidentified Flying Object.


76) Which animals have mouth without jaws?
Answer: Earliest vertebrates.


77) Who wrote the novel “The Sellout”?
Answer: Paul Beatty.


78) The two other Australopithecine species appeared during the time of Australopithecus africanus. Which are they?
Answer: Australopithecus boisei and Australopithecus robustus.


79) Name the President of Mauritius?
Answer: Ameenah Gurib.


80) The checking of sample pages for errors before proceeding with other steps in the printing process is:
Answer: Proofreading or proofing.


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