100 General Knowledge ke Question

General Knowledge ke Question


General Knowledge ke Question


1) Monatomic ions have ___
Answer: One atom.


2) Taiwan lies on which line of latitude?
Answer: Tropic of Cancer.


3) Who published the first translation of the Bible into English?
Answer: Miles Coverdale.


4) Of the six vanished ancient Wonders of the World, which was the last to disappear?
Answer: The Lighthouse of Alexandria.


5) Nagasaki can be found on Japan’s southwesternmost island. What is the island’s name?
Answer: Kyushu.


6) Which of Chaucer’s well-known works is unfinished?
Answer: The Canterbury Tales.


7) The fastest insect is the deer bot fly. What is its fastest speed?
Answer: 90 mph.


8) What is Pakistan’s capital city?
Answer: Islamabad.


9) In history, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago established a peace between Mexico and which other country?
Answer: United States of America.


10) The centre of a solar system is a:
Answer: Star.


11) Salsette island lies near which coastal Indian city?
Answer: Mumbai.


12) In what year was the U.S. Monroe Doctrine introduced?
Answer: 1823.


13) What is a synapse?
Answer: A gap between nerve cells.


14) What do you call a grouping of coyote?
Answer: A band of coyote.


15) What is the second smallest country (after Suriname) in South America?
Answer: Uruguay.


16) What was Doc Holiday’s real name?
Answer: James Henry Holiday.


17) Which period of music was perfected by J. S. Bach, featuring exquisite ornamentation and lasting from about 1600 – 1750?
Answer: The Baroque Period.


18) For what crime was Al Capone finally convicted?
Answer: Tax evasion.


19) Who discovered the molecule?
Answer: Amadeus Avogadro.


20) Where were Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Lady Jane Grey beheaded?
Answer: Tower of London.


General Knowledge ke Question Part 2


21) Which country lies on both the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn?
Answer: Brazil.


22) At sea level, with a temperature of 70° Fahrenheit, approximately how fast does sound travel through the air?
Answer: 770 mph.


23) In which direction does the Amazon river flow?
Answer: East.


24) Amu is the abbreviation for atomic mass unit. True or False?
Answer: True.


25) Which Italian city lies on the Adriatic Sea?
Answer: Venice.


26) Who was Atahualpa?
Answer: Last Inca Emperor of Peru.


27) Who was the only president to fight in the Spanish-American war?
Answer: Theodore Roosevelt.


28) The first Roman landing in Britain was led by Julius Caesar and happened in what year?
Answer: 55 B.C.


29) Who was the author of the book Medea?
Answer: Euripides.


30) Who was the teacher who died when the space shuttle Challenger exploded?
Answer: Christa McAuliffe.


31) The component distinguishing the Latin American city is?
Answer: A commercial spine.


32) What Shakespeare character says “Good night, sweet prince” to Hamlet?
Answer: Horatio.


33) What island is Pearl Harbor on?
Answer: Hawaiian Island of Oahu.


34) Lichens are not classified as plants because:
Answer: They are two organisms – alga and fungus.


35) Where were the southernmost Winter Olympics?
Answer: Nogano, Japan.


36) What Tasmanian governor gave his name to a port, mountain range, river and lake?
Answer: Sir George Arthur.


37) According to Greek mythology Who was the son of Zeus strongest of mortals?
Answer: Hercules.


38) The air around a planet is its:
Answer: Atmosphere.


39) Which country was first to grant women the right to vote?
Answer: New Zealand.


40) Mel Brooks does not act in this film:
Answer: Young Frankenstein.


General Knowledge ke Question Part 3


41) What kind of an organism is a truffle?
Answer: Fungus.


42) “That’s not writing; it’s typing” was one American author’s comment on another’s work. Who was talking about whom? (Answer: author on author)
Answer: Truman Capote on Jack Kerouac.


43) Which Indian city is farthest north?
Answer: Mumbai.


44) The lightest gas is:
Answer: Hydrogen.


45) In language, what “E” is the honorary title given to a professor in retirement?
Answer: Emeritus.


46) Which founding member of the Rolling Stones left the band in 1992?
Answer: Bill Wyman.


47) Georgian Bay is part of which Great Lake?
Answer: Lake Huron.


48) Is an aberration a distorted /defect optical image?
Answer: Yes.


49) Igneous rocks that cool deep beneath the earth’s surface are:
Answer: Plutonic.


50) Fleas would win a gold medal for jumping at the Insect Olympics. How high can they jump?
Answer: 200 times their body length.


51) On which river is Baton Rouge?
Answer: Mississippi.


52) The satellite that orbits a planet is a:
Answer: Moon.


53) The Donetsk mining and industrial region lies in which country?
Answer: Ukraine.


54) Antarctica contains 70% of the world’s fresh water. True or False?
Answer: True.


55) The movement of water from the tree roots up to the leaves is by:
Answer: Capillary action.


56) Which U.S. state was first to elect a woman to Congress?
Answer: Montana.


57) The scientific study of insects is known as:
Answer: Entomology.


58) What do you call a grouping of cranes?
Answer: A sedge or siege of cranes.


59) Vieques Island is part of which territory?
Answer: Puerto Rico.


60) The capital city of a state is not always the largest city in the state. What are the capital cities of the following states: Kentucky? Wisconsin? Vermont? Pennsylvania? California? Washington?
Answer: Frankfort, Kentucky; Madison, Wisconsin; Montpelier, Vermont; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Sacramento, California; and Olympia, Washington.


General Knowledge ke Question Part 4


61) Which period of music saw the prominence of church music fade as orchestral music blossomed, lasting from the period of about 1750 to 1825?
Answer: The Classical Period.


62) Who founded the state of Taiwan in 1949?
Answer: Chiang Kai-shek.


63) What secondary school has produced the most Nobel Prize winners in Science?
Answer: Bronx High School of Science, New York.


64) Where is the Basque region of Spain?
Answer: North.


65) What is the speed of sound through water as opposed to through air?
Answer: 4 times faster.


66) In which direction does the Sphinx face?
Answer: East.


67) Which country is directly north of Belgium?
Answer: Netherlands.


68) Which Anglo-Saxon rebel had the nickname “the Wake”?
Answer: Hereward.


69) Who were the only two presidents to fight in World War I?
Answer: Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman.


70) The Canaanites were one of the two main groups that made up the Phoenician civilization. Who was the other group?
Answer: Philistines.


71) Who was the author of the book Absalom, Absalom
Answer: William Faulkner.


72) Who was the father of Cleopatra’s twins?
Answer: Mark Antony.


73) Which city started as an island village?
Answer: Paris.


74) In literature, The Bourne Identity is on of more than twenty New York Times bestsellers written by what author?
Answer: Robert Ludlum.


75) What is the largest US state east of the Mississippi?
Answer: Georgia.


76) The type of symmetry where an organism can be divided into equal parts along radii is:
Answer: Radial.


77) Which South American country is a member of OPEC?
Answer: Venezuela.


78) Tandoori is a populart style of cooking that originated in:
Answer: India.


79) What profession did Mortimer Lewis achieve fame in?
Answer: Architecture.


80) Who was a wise centaur?
Answer: Chiron.


General Knowledge ke Question Part 5


81) The gravity of a planet compared with the gravity of the sun is much:
Answer: Less.


82) Which country is not considered one of the “economic tigers” of the Pacific Rim?
Answer: Philippines.


83) What is kohlrabi?
Answer: Vegetable.


84) In Celsius, what is the boiling point of water?
Answer: 100.


85) Which is the largest Roman amphitheater in the world?
Answer: The Coliseum (Rome).


86) One famous American poet was a West Point cadet. Who was he?
Answer: Edgar Allen Poe.


87) What day was the last speech Dr. King gave the day before his death?
Answer: April 3, 1968.


88) In which country is Darjeeling, known of one of the finest views on the planet?
Answer: India.


89) Compounds that share electrons when the atoms bond are:
Answer: Covalent.


90) What twenty-foot-long missile that cruises at subsonic speeds shares its name with a hatchetlike Native American fighting axe?
Answer: The Tomahawk.


91) Based on GNP per capita, what is the world’s richest country?
Answer: Liechtenstein.


92) What was the name of Leonard Bernstein’s first musical?
Answer: On the Town.


93) Catadioptric is another name for a rich field telescope. True or False?
Answer: False.


94) Igneous rocks that cool quickly from lava are called:
Answer: Volcanic.


95) Which body of water can be found in the Mediterranean Sea?
Answer: Tyrrhenian Sea.


96) What is the material from which most micro-electronic chips are made?
Answer: Silicon.


97) What word did Picasso define as ‘a lie that makes us realize the truth’?
Answer: Art.


98) Who was the first to sail around the Cape of Good Hope?
Answer: Vasco De Gamma.


99) According to the 1990 U.S. Census, the four largest metropolitan areas (in order) are?
Answer: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C.


100) Developed at Scotland’s Roslin Institute, what is the name of the world’s first cloned sheep?
Answer: Dolly.


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