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General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 22 (2020)

General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 22 (2020)


1) Jacobus Henricus won the Nobel Prize for discovering what?

Answer: Laws of Chemical Dynamics and Osmotic Pressure.


2) In which country of the Republic of Ireland is the town Naas?

Answer: Kildare.


3) Who won a gold medal in his home town – Atlanta in Atlanta Olympics ‘96? Name the event too:

Answer: Derrick Adkins in 400 m low hurdles.


4) In education, which British university is older – Cambridge or Oxford?

Answer: Oxford


5) The first non – British chairman of International Cricket Council?

Answer: Clyde Walcott (West Indies).


6) The asteroid belt in our solar system is between the planets of:

Answer: Mars and Jupiter.


7) Name the Wimbledon Champion (Women’s) in 1998:

Answer: Jana Novotná, Czech Republic.


8) To which country do the Queen Charlotte Islands belong?

Answer: Canada.


9) What is the function of Vitamin K?

Answer: Helps blood-clotting.


10) The legendary female warriors called Amazons lived in the Amazon basin.

Answer: False.


11) How did the Sumerians sow the seeds?

Answer: Invented a machine to sow the seeds.


12) When using a measuring cylinder with water, one should read the:

Answer: Bottom of the meniscus


13) From where bromine is obtained?

Answer: It is obtained from some of the red algae, eg: Rhodomela.


14) Who shot and killed Jesse James?

Answer: Robert Ford.


15) Write an example of a metal which exists in nature in the free state:

Answer: Silver.


General Knowledge (GK) Questions October 22 Part 2


16) A cerebrovascular accident is commonly known as a/an:

Answer: Heart Attack.


17) What is the term ‘PERT’ means?

Answer: Program Evaluation and Review Technique.


18) What do you call a grouping of cubs?

Answer: A litter of cubs


19) Which band is used for experimental purposes?

Answer: EHF.


20) Kitchener, Burlington, and Oshawa are cities in which province?

Answer: Ontario.


21) Fluorosis is due to the:

Answer: Excess fluoride in water.


22) What movie character was famous for saying, “What’s up, Doc?”

Answer: Bugs Bunny Frederick Bean “Tex” Avery (1908 – 1980) was Bugs’s creator, and Mel Blanc (1908 -1989) was the voice.


23) Which curve is of special importance in electronics?

Answer: Bowditch curve.


24) Which period of music left all the rules of the past behind, with the introduction of bitonality, polytonality, atonality and 12-tone music?

Answer: The Modern Period.


25) The speed of sound in air at N.T.P is 300 m/s. If air pressure becomes four times what happens to its speed of sound?

Answer: 300 m/s.


26) What treaty ended WWI?

Answer: Treaty of Versailles.


27) In which year was the Suez Canal first opened?

Answer: 1869.


28) Who wrote The Common Sense Book of Child Care?

Answer: Doctor Benjamin Spock.


29) Which is the first Inspector Maigret book by Simenon?
Answer: ‘Inspector Maigret Investigations’.


30) For what discovery is Sir Alexander Fleming most famous?

Answer: Penicillin.

In 1928 Fleming discovered the ability of penicillin (Peniciiiurn nota urn) to cure bacterial infections.


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