General Knowledge (GK) 2020 – Top 50 Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge (GK) 2020 – Top 50 Quiz Questions and Answers


General Knowledge (GK) 2020 – 50 Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge (GK) 2020 Quiz Questions Part 1


1) One such Ziggurat was recently found. By what name it is known?

Answer: The great tower temple at Nippur.


2) Write an example of an epiphytes:

Answer: Vanda.


3) Write the name of the cyanide process by which gold is extracted:

Answer: MacArthur and Forest cyanide process.


4) What is the oldest and simplest form of administrative organisation?

Answer: Line organisation.


5) The main disadvantage of Data Encryption Standard (DES) is:

Answer: Key distribution problem.


6) Which is Medium Frequencies (MF) band?

Answer: 300-3000 khz.


7) The foundation of locks are generally made of:

Answer: Bearing piles protected by sheet piles.


8) How many basic reasons are there for loss of soil and its degeneration to a useless heap of lifeless material?

Answer: Three.


9) In which industry the phrase “the tyranny of numbers” had once become popular and led to a marvellous invention?

Answer: Electronics industry.


10) What is called when mechanical waves have a frequency below the audible range?

Answer: Infrasonics.


11) Name the ship belonging to Great Britain which was the first to cross Atlantic Ocean under steam power?

Answer: Sirius.


12) ‘This is my play’s last scene, here heavens appoint My pilgrimage’s last mile.’

To which these lines belong?

Answer: John Donne’s: “Holy Sonnets”.


13) Other name of moon signs:

Answer: Gentle signs.


14) In which type does combustion of fuel take place inside the engine?

Answer: In Internal combustion engine.


15) What led to the origin of Buddhism?

Answer: Caste system and the rituals in Hinduism.


General Knowledge (GK) 2020 Quiz Questions Part 2


16) “No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money”. Who made this remark?

Answer: Dr. Johnson.


17) Which Jazz trumpeter is said to have invented bebop?

Answer: Dizzy Gillespie.


18) What was the name of the one-eyed giant in Greek Mythology?

Answer: Cyclops.


19) Name the sea which is a part of the Arctic ocean and extends from New Siberian Island to Wrangel Island:

Answer: East Siberian Sea.


20) Whose model of Society is mainly organismic?

Answer: Herbert Spencer.


21) Which Indian Sage has propounded the Advaita philosophy?

Answer: Adi Shankaracharya.


22) Bonds issued by governments are:

Answer: Debenture bonds.


23) When did the Central Postal Union (Universal Postal Union) was established?

Answer: 1884.


24) Cold War tensions rose again in 1979. What was the reason?

Answer: The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.


25) A French Renaissance cabinet was designed in which style?

Answer: Henry II style.


26) The Andes and the Pacific Mountain Systems are part of the:

Answer: Ring of Fire.


27) Which is a largest fish in Devonian period?

Answer: Dunkleosteus.


28) The earliest three species Australopithecus anamensis, Australopithecus afarensis and Australopithecus africanus are called:

Answer: Gracile Australopithecines.


29) Which typesetting uses computers and computer printers to produce printed materials?

Answer: Electronic imagesetting.


30) Which dramas were performed as a part of an important yearly religious and civic celebration called the “City Dionysia”?

Answer: Tragedies.


General Knowledge (GK) 2020 Quiz Questions Part 3


31) Out of court settlement of disputes through third party negotiation is named:

Answer: Arbitration.


32) What are the general groups of films used in black and white photography?

Answer: (1) Ortho Process (2) Orthochromatic (3) Panchromatic (4) Infra Red.


33) How many members are there in the Tribe of Ephraim?

Answer: Forty thousand and five hundred.


34) What is the name of long loose robe with wide short sleeves worn by Japanese?

Answer: Kimono.


35) Which party has always been the mover and director of first revolution?

Answer: Leninist Party.


36) One square metre is equal to how many square centimetres?

Answer: 10,000 square centimetres.


37) What is the currency of Belize:

Answer: Dollar.


38) Where are the tourist centres Bali, Java and Sumatra located?

Answer: In Indonesia.


39) Which are the two main parts of the hair which has completed the growth?

Answer: Root and stem.


40) Mountainous plateau has caused salt lakes to develop. Why?

Answer: Lack of drainage.


General Knowledge (GK) 2020 Quiz Questions Part 4


41) Name the ballet master with whose effort ballet emerged as a theatrical form?

Answer: Pierre Beauchamp.


42) Who suggested and goaded Gandhian family to send Gandhiji to England to study Law?

Answer: Mavji Dave.


43) The most common trees in the canopy are called:

Answer: Dominant trees of the forest.


44) The river itself and all the smaller streams that supply water to the river are together known as:

Answer: A river system.


45) Who is the scientist related with the overthrow of the theory of spontaneous generation and experiments with swan necked flasks?

Answer: Pasteur.


46)  Survey is also called:

Answer: Public opinion poll.


47) What is the mental phenomena of Idealism?

Answer: What is fundamentally important and real.


48) If the blood hiss from injury, which would be the injured blood vessel?

Answer: Artery.


49) Give the name of the scientist who prepared a successful vaccine for rabies:

Answer: Louis Pasteur.


50) At what depth does the Lehmann discontinuity lie?

Answer: 5200 km.


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