Essay on Wonder of Science

Essay on Wonder of Science

Essay on Wonder of Science

Wonder of science

Science is a powerful, awe-inspiring force that has done so much for humankind in just the past century alone. What will it do for us in the future? It is too early to tell but, whatever science does for us, I hope it will be even more powerful and awe-inspiring than what it has done up till now. What can we already see that science has given us?

Science gave us flying machines so we could travel the world without having to wait weeks and weeks or go on arduous journeys through sweltering deserts or mountains. Science gave us fascinating new theories about how our world works such as relativity and quantum theory. Science gave us antibiotics to cure all kinds of illnesses. Science gave us vaccines to protect us against diseases like polio, diphtheria and influenza. Science gave us the automobile, so we can travel farther and faster than any of our ancestors could have ever dreamed of. Science also provided a way to fuel this automobile, something called gasoline which is basically crude oil – another product of science.

Science has done tremendous things for humankind in just the past century alone. But that’s not everything science has given humans. It has given us buildings that reach higher than any bird can fly. It gave us sports, another source of entertainment besides activities like eating and sleeping. Sports like baseball, basketball, football and hockey have kept many people around the world occupied for hours at a time with their eyes focused on the things right in front of them: the television or the computer screen. Science also gave us household appliances to make our lives easier, from vacuum cleaners to hair dryers to microwave ovens. Science even provided a way for people to spend hours upon hours behind their computers playing games like “World of Warcraft.”

But science hasn’t just done things for humans that benefit humans. It has done things for animals, too. Science gave humans the technology to be able to clone different animals like Dolly the sheep. This could someday lead to cloning humans if we wanted to or would allow us to create “designer babies” with certain characteristics from their parents that regular babies have no control over – maybe even the color of their eyes or hair. Science has given us ways to rid our homes and yards and parks of mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats. So now we can enjoy being outside again without being eaten alive by bugs or being pestered by vermin.

Science isn’t something that is confined in a laboratory or behind a counter at Wal-Mart or Target. Science is something that is everywhere around us. It is something that we can see, hear, touch and smell. It touches our lives every day, in ways big and small. Even if we don’t see the direct results of science in our daily lives there is no doubt that it has had a huge impact on all of us as people and most likely even on the very planet we live on.

Discoveries like Black Holes in space, Artificial Intelligence and Stem-cell research has now opened doors to opportunities for learning new things about the world around us. It has opened new worlds of possibilities to learn more about our universe and how it works. We can learn more about human anatomy, we can learn more about human DNA. But not all science is beneficial, some science can lead to catastrophic results, like atomic bombs and nuclear power. Although some of them are very useful for our world today but they may be harmful in the near future or long run. There are also various risks involved with stem cell research which may also pose dangers to humans if it is not handled well or regulated properly. Science as a whole has had numerous discoveries and inventions that can be numerous to list in this essay.

If you ever wonder about what science has done for the world, then just ask yourself the question, “What would our lives be like without it?” “What would this world be like without it?” Science is a powerful force in our lives. It is something that not only allows us to understand more about the universe around us but also something that helps keep us safe from harm’s way. But science isn’t perfect and sometimes things go wrong during a scientific experiment or discovery. Science and its discoveries can sometimes lead to catastrophic results if they are used for evil purposes, as in nuclear bombs and atomic energy.

Science may have gotten its start from alchemy or magic, but it has evolved into something far more powerful than any human could have imagined only a few centuries ago. We may never know what magic or sorcery can bring us in the future, but I am sure that science will continue to provide new sources of entertainment, new ways for humans and animals to survive, and even space travel so we can explore the vastness of space in its beauty. Science has truly done wonders for humankind.

Science has an enormous impact on the world around us as well as on ourselves. Many people look at science as just another obstacle in life or they think it is boring or useless. People think that you need to be very smart in order to learn science and that it is something that is difficult to understand. But these are all misconceptions about science and what it really means. Science is a fascinating world with plenty of new things to discover, many amazing theories and ideas, new ways to apply knowledge every day and a lot more discovering left for us all to do.

Since science affects all of us, whether directly or indirectly, I think it’s important to wonder about science. To wonder about what science will bring tomorrow: new discoveries, new theories, more drugs to cure diseases and maybe even cures for some of the things plaguing humankind at this very moment like cancer. Science has done so much for humankind that it’s only natural to wonder what else it will give us in the future.

Science is something that everyone uses every day whether they know it or not.


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