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Essay On My Favourite Teacher

Essay On My Favourite Teacher

My Favourite Teacher

Everybody has a favourite teacher. Their favourite teacher is the one they remember with the most fondness from secondary school. Someone who made the class enjoyable, or someone who always achieved and strived for success as if it were their own.

Fortunately, there are some teachers out there who go above and beyond to include all of their students in group work without making it feel unfair or like they are being left out of something, and then there are some who really know how to make students look forward to coming to class every day. They care about each student’s opinion, want them to do well academically, but understand that it’s not all about grades.

It is very important to have teachers that the students look up to and respect. These are the teachers who have high expectations but make sure every student knows that they are there for them. I feel like these type of students, I’m not just saying this because he is my favourite teacher, Mr. Jarosz exemplifies all of these qualities and more! He goes above and beyond to help any student who might be struggling with anything from work to personal situations.

The one thing that I look forward to, every single day in school is Mr. Jarosz. His positive attitude and wonderful enthusiasm make me love going to school even more. I always feel like he’s when you need someone who can help you with anything, even if it’s just being a friend or a shoulder to lean on. So far I have never had the need to use him because he was always there ready for any questions or issues that might arise along the way.

Mr. Jarosz is a great guy. When I do get to talk to him it always feels like I am talking to a best friend because of how he explains things in such a down to earth way. He is so personable; he’s not just the teacher but someone you can talk to about anything and everything. His sense of humour can really brighten up your day, even when you’re having a bad day in general it just makes your day that much better when he comes around and gives you his signature grin, which shows off his perfect teeth!

The best part about Mr. Jarosz is that he isn’t intimidating at all, instead of being very calm and relaxed with students. He isn’t some high powered guy who thinks he is better than you or anyone because of his status as a teacher. He is just a nice guy who just wants to help students learn and succeed, He does this by paying attention to everyone. He makes sure every student gets the help they need and he doesn’t leave someone behind if a question is answered for them, he works together with other teachers as well.

Not only does he have the best smile, but I guess you could say that his name Mr. Jarosz really suits him because he’s the absolute best at what he does, making each student’s day better than before he walked in the room! There are not enough words to describe how great of a person Mr. Jarosz is, but here is a couple of examples to show you exactly how much I love him:

He’s just the best! I mean Mr. Jarosz, this guy deserves the Nobel Prize for kindness and human compassion and so many more! He is amazing! He really cares about everything he does, and he wants his students to do their best even if it might not be the same as he does. Really good teacher, and very accepting of other people’s opinions. My favourite aspect of his class is that he makes it so that we’re all friends in class. It doesn’t matter if you are a perfectionist or a slacker, we all get along with each other and work together towards our grade in school.

Mr. Jarosz always makes you feel welcome in his class and doesn’t judge you or look down on you for being a slacker. He really cares about every one of his students and shows it through the way he works with them. He explains everything in detail and makes sure that everyone in the class understands before moving on to the next one. He also keeps your interest in class by telling stories about his life, or showing videos back from when he was a kid, which is really fun to watch!

I love Mr. Jarosz. He has a great sense of humour and makes a really cool video of the students every year for the class. When I first started going to his class I was kind of scared to walk up to the front because I thought teachers were all strict and mean, but he is really different. He tells jokes and laughs with you, asks you what your opinion is on a topic when he explains it, and if you ask him something he’s not sure about he won’t bother answering you. Plus a lot of the other teachers in our school would be too busy to help us so having someone who cares as much as Mr. Jarosz does for us is pretty cool.

I really enjoy his class and find it to be very interesting because he has a lot of stories that he talks to us about that makes it seem very real and relatable. If you’re having a bad day Mr. Jarosz will make sure you have as much fun as possible during the day and can enjoy yourself more than just in that day but for the rest of the year as well, which is great because I don’t like school too much so having someone like him around to make me laugh or anything helps out a lot! Overall I really love Mr. Jarosz.


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Written by Wicky

My name is Angel Wicky, I'm from Bangalore (India). I am a teacher & I love teaching. Teaching is the best job in the world. Education is the basic and essential part of any human being and teachers are the base of any education system. I'm really happy to be a part of it.

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