Essay On Loyalty – 1300 Words Essay

Essay On Loyalty – 1300 Words Essay

Essay On Loyalty - 1300 Words Essay


The words “loyalty” and “faithfulness” are very closely related, but loyalty is more than just a promise. It’s more like a dedication to something or someone. Loyalty means that you will never betray that which or who you have pledged your allegiance to in the form of commitment, devotion, or support; both as an emotional connection and personal obligation.

When it comes to human relationships, some are born and some are made. This includes the one we make with ourselves. We cannot simply be “born” loyal to something or someone because that doesn’t exist. No one is born loyal, we must earn our loyalty by standing by our decisions and commitments, no matter how hard they may be to do so.

To make a good impression on others and develop a loyal friendship or relationship is the first step toward achieving something outside of oneself – whether that’s a goal or dream – but it is merely the first step towards life itself.

It’s that very first step though that is the most important because it prepares us for the eventual outcome of what we want to accomplish. It’s like planning a party in the future. If you don’t have all of the paperwork and preparations done on time, you’ll never be able to throw your party when the time comes.

Likewise, if we don’t make our first steps in life with a good plan of action, following through with our goals and dreams will be almost impossible. That’s why we say that doing your best or being your “best” is to put forth the greatest effort at something you’re trying to accomplish by making sacrifices along the way – even if those sacrifices are hard to bear.

It is the effort that we put forth to something that tells the materials of our character. This shows us that not everyone can make a promise and keep it. Having a loyal personality means that you’re not only willing to keep your promises once you’ve made them, but also to sacrifice for them by being devoted enough to sacrifice your time, energy, and emotions just to stay on course with what you want.

For example, have you ever had an argument with someone who promised something they didn’t follow through with? Do you remember how it felt after they didn’t follow through on their commitment? That’s one way that damaged was done in the relationship because somebody couldn’t be loyal to their own promise or commitment.

On the same note, remember that just because someone is loyal to you, that does not mean that they’re going to be able to be your friend or even stay friends with you for the rest of your life. Being loyal means staying devoted to what you’ve promised and committed yourself to from the start; it’s an emotional connection – a loyalty bond – between two people or things.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t have disagreements or arguments, but at the root of your relationship, it’s mutual respect and dedication for one another. If you have that type of connection with someone, loyalty will always keep you moving forward even when it’s difficult or painful.

Basically, being loyal means putting forth the effort to do what you’ve promised and committed yourself to. If you can be loyal in your friendships and relationships, then eventually everybody else will follow suit!

In a relationship with others, that means being loyal to one another is essential because it allows both parties to move forward with their lives. They’re able to learn from each other’s efforts and mistakes because they are able to support each other as they grow together as well.

If you’re in a relationship with someone and they are being un-loyal to you, then chances are you have a friendship or relationship with them that’s not going to last for a long time because the person is unreliable in their commitment to you. You will also not be able to trust them because they have proven themselves untrustworthy.

You will never truly know what to expect from them because you’ll never know which mood they’re going to be in that day. You’ll never really know how they feel about you because the one-sided relationship that you have with them means that they can’t even open up to you and tell you about their life when they need something from you.

At the very least, he or she will not be able to tell you how he or she feels personally about your decision. They may just be trying to keep up appearances and put up a front when it’s obvious that nobody is really being loyal to one another.

In some instances, people may want or expect you to be their life support system and never let go of them when times get difficult or when something needs repaired or fixed within the relationship. You may feel that you’re being used in a way that’s not really fair, but this is how it is because loyalty is something that you have to give as long as it’s a valid relationship.

If they’re not committing themselves to you, then they shouldn’t expect you to be committed to them because loyalty isn’t something that happens by chance. It has to be taken seriously when it comes down to relationships and your actions and behaviors towards another person in your life. When people are loyal, it means they’re doing something right for themselves and others around them. They’ve chosen a path of commitment and when people choose loyalty, it shows the world who they really are at heart.

Loyalty in everyday life is different than loyalty in personal relationships. It’s more about doing what you said you were going to do for others or your community.

For example, if you are in charge of the neighborhood watch committee, it would be considered loyalty on your end to make sure that everyone is protecting their own personal property and watch out for one another when they’re out and about. If someone happens to come around with bad intentions, then they’re going to know that somebody is watching them whether they meant it or not.

They might even be a little nervous or hesitant as they perform their act of crime against the community because they know someone is looking out for everyone that lives there.

Loyalty is a way of knowing what someone is thinking or feeling about you or a situation and not being selfish with your feelings. It’s about not being a hypocrite.

When people do things for others, it makes them feel good inside because they’re able to give back and bring joy and happiness into the world for other people. They’re also able to get in touch with their inner self when they are able to do something genuine for another person because that person isn’t going to turn around and frame them in a negative light if they speak up about what’s going on or say something they don’t want out in the open.

Loyalty also means when somebody is able to trust you with information or a specific situation, then it shows that they’re confident in what you can do for them and what your intentions are for being in their life. If they trust you, then they’ll have faith in your honesty and integrity when it comes down to compromising or resolving the situation at hand.

It also means how kind you are and how genuine you are when talking to someone. You don’t have to say something just because you feel like saying it, but rather because it’s the right thing to do. It’s about being honest and sincere. It’s about taking care of yourself as well as others.

Be loyal to yourself and do what you think is best for yourself and to others no matter what.


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