Essay On Kindness – 800 Words Essay

Essay On Kindness – 800 Words Essay

Essay On Kindness - 1000 Words Essay


Kindness is the most beautiful quality.
Kindness is like a rare flower which needs to be taken care of with the utmost care and requires love and dedication. Ignoring kindness means ignoring things such as how people feel, or their happiness. Kindness is something that everyone should have: not just those lucky ones who are born into wealth or privilege, but also those who struggle each day for their next breath. True kindness can never be measured because it doesn’t depend on what you have in your wallet, it depends on how much you care about someone – unconditionally. Kindness is not something that people come to expect from one another nowadays.

How can you teach someone how to be kind if you yourself have failed to demonstrate that trait? It’s like teaching someone about love: the main thing is you have to love yourself firstly, in order for it to become something meaningful and true. Kindness often goes unnoticed. Kindness is not something you can see from the outside of a person, but it is something which permeates into their soul. Good deeds are sometimes not rewarded with gratitude because they’re not recognized. We’ve all been kind to one another at some point, and I’m sure that we’d all like to be remembered as good people who do good things.

The best way to recognize someone’s kindness is by the way that they treat you. When someone shows me kindness, I always remember it – because kindness just feels right. It makes my heart smile, and my day a little brighter – even when I’m feeling down or in need of reassurance.

When someone is mistreated, it’s truly hard to know what to do. If we have become accustomed to people being mean and full of hate towards others, the best thing we can do is give them a shoulder to lean on so they can unload their frustrations and anger. We should never forget that everyone has feelings; and that they are also people too, with thoughts and emotions which are just as complicated as our own. Acknowledging a person’s feelings is the key to building the trust you need in order for them to confide in you – this trust being essential in order for being able to help them through their problems. It isn’t always easy to do the right thing – especially when we don’t know what is the right thing to do.

Kindness is something that everyone should have. People can be selfish and hurtful; they can be so mean and hateful that they’ll succeed in tearing a person’s world apart. They might do it on purpose, or out of ignorance. Sometimes people are just so lonely that they want to use someone else as a tool for their own amusement, sad as it may sound. And sometimes people are just plain unlucky: they might come from a family who constantly beats them up and treats them like dirt. They’ve been called names that I can’t even say, and they’ve been given scars that nobody can see but them. It isn’t always easy to be nice to people who are mean to you. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not to retaliate and walk away. Remember, it’s not your duty to save someone from themselves; it’s enough for you to care about yourself by being a good person in the first place.

Kindness is not about what you do to be nice, it’s about being a good person in the first place. Being nice is something that everyone should do for themselves and everyone else; it’s just natural to be kind and caring towards other people because being a good person is very important in life. Kindness can change the world so much that our actions if we’re kind to each other instead of hateful, could improve our lives greatly. We should make our own world better than we found it – not to boot us out from here, but so we can all be better off together.

Kindness comes from the heart; kindness is something which can never have an ending; if we use this trait wisely, it can be something which everyone can cherish. Kindness is a pure white flower which can bloom in the most difficult circumstances when it’s least expected. When someone goes out of their way to be kind, we should always appreciate them and remember them for the rest of our lives.

Nowadays, it takes a lot of courage and resilience to remain kind in the face of all the bad things that happen around us. Sometimes kindness is not enough – but if we persevere, it always wins in the end. Everyone around us needs a little kindness, and the more we give it, the better things will be.

If we remember to be kind – and we follow it up by doing something for others – the world will eventually be a better place.


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