Essay on Importance of Trees

Essay on Importance of Trees

Essay on Importance of Trees

Importance of Trees

Trees are a necessity of life on our planet. They provide us with oxygen, shade from the sun, and help to cool the environment. They prevent soil erosion and help clean water by filtering it through their roots. Above all, they give us beautiful natural scenery for our viewing pleasure.

Trees are a necessity for oxygen. All of us know that trees produce oxygen every day as a by-product of photosynthesis. And we breathe in the oxygen they produce, but what some of us don’t know is that the oxygen is only produced when sunlight is present. If the sunlight is blocked out, the process stops and therefore there would be no more oxygen being produced. That’s why forests are so important; about thirty percent of our planet’s atmospheric oxygen is produced in forest environments.

The next way trees help our environment is by providing shade from the sun. Trees help decrease the temperature on the surface of our planet by blocking sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface; this helps us prevent temperature extremes on Earth. If it were not for trees, the temperature on our planet would increase exponentially to the point where life could not exist. This is why rainforests in particular are so important. They don’t just provide oxygen, they help cool the air and help prevent temperature extremes.

Another way trees benefit us is by preventing soil erosion. Soil erosion is a very large problem in many countries of the world, including Canada. There are two major causes of soil erosion; one is caused by wind and the other by water. Many Canadian cities, including Montreal and Toronto, are surrounded by steep hills and have a lot of flat land around them. The problem with this is that it causes soil erosion. Raindrops pick up bits and pieces of dirt as they fall to the ground and when they reach the flat land, they have no place to go so they flow down the slope and carry the dirt with them. This causes huge problems for cities because when their farmland lands on their city streets, there’s a lot of trouble. Another cause of soil erosion is water. Water comes from rain, rivers, lakes, etc. When there is a huge amount of water running through one area all at once it can carry rocks, mud and a lot more in its path; this also causes soil erosion. Trees help to prevent this because their roots, which go deep underground, help hold the soil together so it doesn’t get carried away.

Trees help to clean our water by filtering it through their roots as it travels into the ground. Rainwater and other water sources run through the soil and some of it comes to our roots where our bodies absorb the water for use in our bodies; whatever can’t be used gets sent back down into the ground. When rainwater goes through a tree’s roots or any plant’s roots, they filter out all the bad stuff like toxins and other chemicals that can be very harmful to us. This process is known as phytoremediation, which means that trees are cleaning up our environment for us.

Trees give us a great natural landscape to look at. Trees are one of the most beautiful parts of our planet and they come in all shapes and sizes, providing us with scenery we could only dream of. They provide us with windbreaks and shade in the summer and beautiful colours in the fall. They are a necessity that we can’t live without.

How can I prove any of this? There’s a very simple experiment that anyone can do to prove how trees help keep our world at an appropriate temperature. On a sunny day, go to your backyard or a park near your house and close all the blinds in or around your house. Then measure the temperature in different parts of your yard. After you’ve done that, go outside and find the shadiest spot you can (maybe by a tree) and make sure no direct sunlight is hitting that spot. When you’re ready, check the temperature again in both places; without a doubt, the temperature under the shade will be noticeably cooler than up in direct sunlight.

Want proof that trees help prevent soil erosion? Do this experiment as well. Find a hill near your house and mark out a section of the hill with string or rope that is the same area as your yard or part of it. Then, measure how much water it takes to wash away the dirt from your marked-out section. Do it again; this time, plant trees in that marked-out area and see how much water it takes to wash away the dirt away from your marked-out area compared to before when you didn’t have any trees there.

As for phytoremediation, here’s a quick experiment you can do. You’ll need a big glass jar, a cup of gasoline, and some plants (the more the better). Just put all the plants in your jar and fill it with water. Leave it at room temperature for about a day or two until the water starts to turn green (that’s how you know the gas has been filtered out of the water).

Some of these experiments may take days to complete but they will demonstrate to you how important trees are to us; on an everyday basis we take them for granted.

In conclusion, trees are so important to our environment that we can’t live without them. The chemicals we breathe in, the water we drink and the ground beneath our feet would not be anywhere near as good without the aid of trees. These reasons are why trees should be planted more often than they already are; they need to be planted more in cities because not only do they beautify the area but they also help clean up some of the impurities thanks to phytoremediation.

Trees are an amazing part of our planet that we should all be thankful for.


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