Essay on Hobby

Essay on Hobby

Essay on Hobby


Hobby means a lot of different things for different people. For me, it was that spark of inspiration that can only be satisfied by seeing your work on display in front of other people. Your dreams are most likely just waiting to be discovered and explored. A hobby is something that can make you happy, or bring up other feelings which would otherwise be suppressed. It could be a way to express how you feel, or even just something to do while waiting for the bus. But no matter who you are or what your hobby is, it’s safe to say that all of us have one thing in common: having someone to share our happiness with.

Discovering your passion is a hard but rewarding task. You would have to explore and experiment different possibilities in order to finally know what you are apt at. Saying that, sometimes there are those moments which seem out of the ordinary where we realize that we are so much more than what we thought our full potential was. As for me, I found the one thing I was always looking for when I picked up my first hobby – painting .

Throughout my years in college, it was always hard work and dedication that would continuously take me to dizzying heights of success or failure. As I slowly became familiar with my studies and started to excel more and more in my chosen field, I didn’t notice the fact that I never found something that would make me happy in life. No matter how well I did, there would always be the question: what if there is something else out there waiting for me? So one day when I was aimlessly surfing the internet, I stumbled upon a video of someone painting. It wasn’t just any painting though – it was perfect! The way he mixed his colors and drew each stroke was akin to a master’s craftsmanship. I replayed the video over and over again, just to get a better glimpse of his process. But I could never really figure out what made his work so good.

Then one day I got my hands on a brush and paint on my own. As I started to draw, it was almost as if I had telepathy with the subject of my drawings. It was as if there was something inside me that responded to the colors and shapes on the canvas, like an innate talent that had been suppressed for years began to awaken at last. It was as if that brush was my pen, that paint was my words, and the canvas was a blank novel waiting to be written.

It turns out to this day, I was just happy with the fact that I made something that looked like art. But the other day when I saw my friend looking at one of my paintings and he said: “…so you’re an artist? That’s so cool!” I finally felt what it meant to have a hobby. It wasn’t just having something to do occasionally. It wasn’t simply having a way to express yourself or your feelings through art. It meant trying to make someone feel or experience something that you felt in an entirely different way.

The feeling you get after you complete a painting is like no other, and it is purely because that painting was made by you and for you. It is a reminder of your passion and talent, as well as the hard work you put into your work. Every stroke of color paints a story in your head of how each moment came to be. The joy that comes with making art can hardly compare to anything else in the world, and once it spreads into other aspects of your life, nothing can stop it from being what it was always meant to be: the meaning of living life happily ever after.

Now my hobby has become my passion. I have been painting ever since, even participating in exhibitions and contests to gain recognition for my work.

If you don’t have a hobby for yourself yet, there’s no need to worry. Just pick up something new and give yourself a chance to experience something you never knew existed. Let it be a brush and paint, or even just your own two hands. It is never too late to start on the road to finding yourself, and that’s where you can truly discover what it means to be happy.

The purpose of hobbies is more than what we think. Every hobby makes us enjoy life more and makes us amazed when our talent finally shows up after we tried every thing we like. It makes us feel proud of ourselves when we try to be persistent in doing what we want. Everyone has the opportunity to make a hobby that suits him or her because there are many kinds of hobbies available nowadays from sports, to singing, to arts like painting, drawing, and so on. It is not difficult for us to make a hobby for ourselves if we just give it a try. For me, drawing is a wonderful thing I can do as a hobby because it makes me feel special and wants to draw more pictures. The process of drawing is not easy at all but if we try hard on doing what we love, we will have achievement in the future.

To make a hobby is more than just a fun thing to do every day. It can make us happy and want to try it again. It has the power to make us persistent on our hobby because we have the feeling that we got the motivation from that activity. So, I think that all of us should have an interest in making a hobby for ourselves and if you have an interest in any activities, you will automatically get some kind of positive feeling from it. You can do what you like, but when you are too busy with life stuff, hobbies are really good things to do because at least your mind will be occupied by something good instead of thinking about bad stuff.

Nowadays, everyone has their own hobbies that they like to do. It doesn’t matter what you are doing as long as you are enjoying it and your hobbies can bring joy to your lives. I love painting and drawing because it brings out all the creativity in me. I can also achieve my dreams easily through drawing.

I’m sure, most of us have a hobby which we love to do. We cherish our time doing the things we like. It is one of the things that make our life better. Hobbies give us happiness in so many ways, but sometimes we forget how precious our hobbies are till they’re gone or become distant memories in our lives…


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