Essay on Good Manners

Essay on Good Manners

Essay on Good Manners

Good manners

Good manners are the keystone of a civilized society. They dictate how we treat others, which in turn dictates how they will treat us. We may not know what is more important than good manners but it’s easy to see why good manners are so vital in a civilized society:

Good manners are essential in every aspect of life, from getting through day-to-day with family and friends to politely handling disputes at home and work to maintaining strong social ties.

The interesting thing about this list is that there isn’t really any science behind these specific rules or any real authority on them aside from our own communities (and they can change). That makes these rules important, but not in a scientific sense. These rules are codes written by each community to maintain order and promote peace within the community, some of which have endured for thousands of years with few changes.

The reason good manners are so vital to a civilized society is because without them it wouldn’t be possible to have any kind of structured society, let alone an intelligible one. The basic rules of living in a civilized society don’t really change, but the finer points can be adjusted to fit particular societies.

Children need to learn good manners from an early age. It’s a great idea to start teaching children good manners at a young age, because it will pay off in the long run. Teaching children good manners is one of the best ways to ensure they grow up to be well-adjusted adults who are confident and comfortable in social situations. You don’t have to teach your children to be polite because that just comes naturally. Be a good example and you’ll be rewarded with an understanding and caring child.

It’s important that we have good manners towards people with disabilities because they are deserving of respect and kindness, just as any other person is. Don’t make assumptions about people’s abilities based only on their disability. People with disabilities can do many things, if offered the right support and environment.

Note that the courtesy and respect required by good manners may vary depending on the situation and context. For example, when speaking to someone from a lower social class (e.g., a security guard), you may be required to use more honorifics.

Examples of good manners include:

– saying “please” and “thank you;” – opening doors for other people; – saying “excuse me” when approaching someone who is speaking to someone else; – helping another person with carrying a heavy load; etc.

Most importantly, good manners make most people feel better. They show respect for yourself and others around you. Good manners are usually the cornerstone of any successful relationship, at home or at work.
Good manners are not only displayed in the presence of people but also in animals or objects.
– Saying “I’m sorry” to an animal when you accidentally step on its foot. – Saying “thank you” to a vending machine for giving you the right change, even though it does not understand what it is saying.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to manners is to treat people the way you would like to be treated. The Golden Rule says to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, so this is a great way to remember how to treat people with respect and kindness.

Others expect you to be courteous and respectful in your own behavior. Not only will it make you a happier person, but other people will be more likely to treat you nicely too.

It’s important to have good manners in order to be successful in business. People are more likely to want to do business with people they like and trust, and nobody wants to work with someone who’s rude or arrogant.
– If you would like to make a presentation, don’t start the meeting without letting everyone know. – If you are late for an appointment, always apologize. – Be brief when you call or e-mail someone for something. Don’t keep people waiting on the phone; if someone is obviously busy, screen your call and ask to talk later if it’s important.
– When leaving a voice mail message for someone, be sure to identify yourself clearly and leave enough information about what you want them to do next so they don’t have to call you back.

Being respectful to your colleagues and superiors makes you more professional and shows that you’re capable of interacting in a positive and productive way. – Show respect to your boss by keeping them informed about your progress.

  • Never interrupt when someone is talking or criticize their opinions or statements.
  • Don’t lie to your superiors, even if it’s “for their own good.”

While the tips above are useful for business relationships, they can also be helpful in your personal life. Just remember that people like to feel respected, and that includes you!

I am a firm believer in being courteous and polite, even when you’re dealing with difficult people or customers. – When speaking to a government official, always address them with respect. – Wait patiently at the bank or DMV for your turn. – When you are asked to donate money for a charity, offer your name and contact information so they can reach you later.

– Try to avoid arguing with people, even if you disagree with them strongly. Instead, focus on finding a solution that works for everyone involved.

Good manners require us to be polite and respectful even when we are dealing with people who aren’t being kind or respectful in return.- Even when someone is being rude, remember that it’s not your place to judge them; rude people may be unhappy themselves or unhappy about something completely unrelated to your conversation.

Consider your words before you speak. Think about what you are about to say and whether it is kind, helpful, polite or true before you share it with someone else.

Be considerate of others feelings – Let’s start at the top: no one likes a whiner.


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