Essay About Money – 2000 Words Essay

Essay About Money – 2000 Words Essay

Essay About Money - 2000 Words Essay

Money is something that everyone needs in order to survive. We all need money, but some people may not need as much. Money is a necessity for the basics in life such as food, shelter, and education. It is important that we understand where our money comes from and how it can be used wisely not just for ourselves but also for others or the world around us.

Where does the money come from?

Money can be found in many different places. Some people earn money from their jobs, others from their investments and others again may even win it in a lottery. Money is also earned by selling something that we have created. We have been given a brain to create and to design new things and with it we can earn money. It would be boring if everyone had the same skills or the same amount of things to sell at the same time as you were selling yours. This is why we are given the opportunity to earn money in as many ways as we like.

Some people earn money by doing something they enjoy, for example, a footballer who earns a lot of money through playing football or a poet who earns lots of money because of their talent with words. Although this kind of money is rewarding for some, others are not so happy with the system that allows these people to earn so much more than others. There is nothing worse for a hard-working person than to see another person make millions while they themselves live in poverty. They work hard, earning as much as they can but many times never enough to be able to have everything they need. Many poor people are hungry all the time and do not have enough money to get medical care when they are sick or injured.

Some people are clearly just better at earning money through their talents and skills compared with other people. Some people are good at playing music or sports and earn a lot of money from doing this. The richest people in society tend to be the best at what they do and the poorest people are usually those who try to do something different with their life but cannot make it work. Who would not want a violinist for a job? A person who has never tried it but knows that they would be amazing at playing the violin.

We have called money “the root of evil” or the cause of all our ills as it is something that is extremely useful but also dangerous in many ways. Money is very important and essential for our survival but it can also be used for things that are not right or good. Money can corrupt people and make them do terrible things to get more money or so that they do not lose the money they already have. Many poor people are forced to commit crimes because they need the money to survive and provide for their families. Most crimes have one thing in common – the lust for money. This is why we call it the root of all evil as it can consume people if they become too obsessed with it. People who live only for money, spend long hours working just to earn more, never enjoying their life as much as others who spend their time doing other fun activities or having family time together.

How can the money be used for good?

Money is a complicated thing to manage and use. It can be used for many things. We need it to live our lives but we also need it for other things too. We need it to buy food, clothes, a place to live and access to education. However, money is also needed to develop the world around us and help others so that they can live better too. Money gives us the opportunity to say thank you by giving gifts or helping someone in need when they are not able to help themselves. Giving money away shows others that we care about them too and this creates a bond between people who care for each other beyond money itself. Money can be used in many ways to help each other and make life better for everyone.

When money is used for the bad things in life it can destroy the world around us too. This is why we must be careful how we spend it and on what we spend it on. Sometimes, people who have lots of money are greedy and want more than they need and they lose control of their greed because they forget what is really important in life. Greed can easily make a person do things that are wrong, hurtful or damaging. If someone does not have enough money to start a business or buy something new, they may begin stealing so that they can get that extra addition now when they need it most. Greed can also make people steal from their friends and family as they feel that they are being left out of something when they are not. Greed can lead to many problems for everyone because it causes people to act selfishly and loses sight of their priorities.

Money can be used to help others who are in need. Money is always needed in society but it does not have to be purely for personal benefit. Many charities exist just for the purpose of helping others in need who have no money at all. Many of these charities help pay doctors’ bills, provide food, clothing and shelter for people who need them so that no one else has to do without these things either. It is very difficult to live without eating or shelter even if one does have money in their pocket.

When we have a goal in mind and we must earn money for it, we are being responsible with our money. Money is a powerful and valuable thing and we cannot blame people for trying to get more of it as they may need it desperately. However, if someone has all the money they need to survive and they get more money just by spending hours watching TV or while out shopping then this is not a responsible use of their time as it could be used for something better. We must take care of our time as well as our money so that we do not waste either of them on things that are unimportant in life. We should always work to live the best life we can while we are alive and not just care about money.

How should I use money?

When I was growing up, my parents taught me how to be a good person with money. They taught me that it is okay to want more things but that I do not have to take it away from others in order to get them. This is something I believe and it has become a part of my character now. Money is not evil for people like this do not have an obsession with making it their own so they only use their money for what they need or want to have in life, not just for themselves alone. They do not waste it on things that are unnecessary and they only use it for their goals or to help people in need.

There are many ways to use the money to help others:

– Organisations that help people who have no money where they can gain free food, clothing, shelter and medical care. They also provide counseling and loving support to those who need it.

– Charity organizations we work with and give money that is raised back to the community for projects for the homeless, old people or children in need. We also may take food packets from the day centers so that the clients will have more food throughout the day.

– Helping our community through volunteering. We may help with many things like fixing bikes, driving elderly people around, looking after animals or helping the elderly with gardening. These are all very rewarding and making our community a better place to live.

– Giving money to family and friends for special occasions. This could be buying presents for weddings or birthdays such as flowers or cakes or even going into a shop and letting them pick something out especially if they have been trying to get the person something for a while but they have not succeeded. It is also important to show love and care for friends and family who are in need around this time.

How money negatively affects our lives?

Money can give us the power to make our own decisions. If enough money can bring happiness, then having a lot of money is the ultimate form of happiness. However, it is not as simple as that. Money can be both a great help and a great hindrance; in order to use it wisely, we will usually have to give up something else that is valuable to us.

Oftentimes people sacrifice their time in order to earn more money. Aside from time, though, they might also give up things like friends or other hobbies they really enjoy doing – which means the more we value money, the less time and freedom we actually have.

Having lots of money means you are very busy and you want many things. When a person has too much money, he becomes a slave to money. He then has an excess of everything, but not enough time to use it in any way.

Psychological problems can develop due to a lack of money (poverty) and also due to an excess of it. For example, an individual with a low income may be very anxious about the future. He always is worried about how he will pay for whatever he needs at the moment. The problem is that he does not have any money at the present time, so worrying about future problems only makes things worse. It is easier to let go of money-related worries and just deal with what comes next because there are no guarantees in life for anyone.

Some people become dependent on drugs when they experience an abundance of money. They become so accustomed to having money all the time that they do not know what to do with themselves without it.

Money can also be a cause of family problems. When a family has a lot of money, it can be difficult for the children to look up to their parents as role models. They begin to ask themselves why their parents work so hard just to have more money than they need that they do not have any time for their family at all. Children may also feel embarrassed about their lifestyle because they only do things with other children who are in the same financial position.

The more we value money over other things, the less we care about them. If you think about it, most people make money-related decisions when making major purchases such as buying a car or a house. We must then ask ourselves what it really means to own such a thing in the first place. Is it worth giving up all of these other things just to have more money? It usually is not.

So, as well as things we value, we also need to be careful about how much we value money itself, since it might cost us more than we want to pay. We should think about how we use our time and our money and ensure that everything is spent in a responsible way. This is the best way to prevent future problems and help us make sound financial decisions for our future.

In conclusion, money can give us some happiness in life, but it can also make us unhappy. It all depends on how we perceive wealth and what we do to earn and save it. If you want to be wealthy, then you must have a passion for something and work hard to save as much money as possible; this could lead to your happiness in life.


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