Essay About How I Spent My Days During COVID-19 Lockdown

Essay About How I Spent My Days During COVID-19 Lockdown

Essay About How I Spent My Days During COVID-19 Lockdown

One thing I learned during COVID-19 lockdown is how to make the most of small spaces, whether it be a room or your imagination. I was confined to our rooms for the entire duration of the event, I tried to find ways to keep myself entertained and satisfied throughout my days.

I read a lot. There was a point where it seemed like all I did was read, but now that this event is over, it’s hard to imagine where else my time would have been better spent. Reading allowed me to keep my brain active, as well as better understand the topic of COVID-19.

I also spent a fair amount of time sleeping. Though it wasn’t always convenient, it did help me pass the time and lull my body into a state of relaxation when I needed to soothe myself from stress. As silly as it may sound, I had conversations with friends, family members and even strangers over Facebook on our laptops. It kept up my spirits in knowing that there were people I trusted nearby who were willing to talk whenever we could.

Finally, I made use of the core fundamental elements of survival—food and water—in order to pass the time in COVID-19 lockdown. I didn’t really have much of a food budget, so I had to be creative with what I had. I always had the option to buy food as it was brought into the dorms, so any money I had leftover after buying food went towards the bills that needed to be paid. In COVID-19 lockdown I only bought one chocolate bar, which is one of my first memories from COVID-19.

Sometimes I didn’t make the right choices when it came to food. There was a point when I wanted waffles so badly, but my roommate bought them and they were gone so fast that I never got to try them. In these circumstances, a part of me was happy for my roommate because she got the best share of the delicious food, while the other part of me was filled with regret that I never even got a chance to experience what it felt like to have waffles or any other food item for that matter. As far as water was concerned, there were unlimited supplies and I was satisfied with room temperature water most days. I didn’t mind the temperature of water and there was always a fan in the room.

My experience in COVID-19 lockdown taught me that as long as I have access to food and water, I’m perfectly capable of surviving whatever comes my way. While these resources are essential for survival, the most crucial element of all is learning how to cope with this isolation. It’s a lesson that I’m still carrying with me, just as I carry with me the knowledge that it was worth it. The worst thing about the COVID-19 lockdown was the sense of isolation it brought upon us. It made the days pass by slowly, but with the right attitude, it was an experience that I got to share with my friends and family. At COVID-19, I learned how to stay healthy and happy throughout the duration of a stressful event.

I made several changes in my lifestyle

1. Discipline:

Discipline is the mantra of every student, especially of those who wish to be successful in school. When there are a lot of activities to be attended to, such as term papers, internships, and the many other things one must do at school, it gets easy for students to neglect their health and fitness. I started to eat my meals early so I would have time in the morning for my exercises. I also made sure that I ate the right food and drank lots of water. As a result of these improvements, I was able to keep my energy level up all throughout COVID-19. I made sure that I went to bed on time every night. I also had enough time to study and attend to the needs of my friends.

2. Keep stress away:

It is very important for students to keep stress at bay because that will affect their performance in class and will also lead to other complications in life. I had a lot of free time during COVID-19 because there were no classes, but I made sure that I found quality time to enjoy with my friends and family. I never allowed myself to get sad or depressed because of the situation. Other students became frustrated with COVID-19, but I wouldn’t let that affect me. Instead, i tried to spend my free time wisely.

3. Time management:

I kept all my things in order and kept my personal belongings neat in a proper way, which helped me manage time properly. Also I woke up early and slept on time, which made me remember most of the things that happened during those days. My friends also helped me manage time, as I could plan out activities with them on Facebook.

4. I became well organized:

Always try to stay organized. I had my study work and other things in proper order so I finished everything on time. It’s better to be well organized as it makes you enjoy your free time. If you’re always scattered, that spreads negativity in your life. As soon as I completed one work, I started working on the next.

5. Reading:

In those days, I read and read and read. It was a habit that I had built up since primary school. Reading helped me to learn and understand different things about the world we live in.
It’s always good to know more about anything in life, especially because you never know what could happen next. Reading also helped me to get other perspectives on what was happening during the COVID-19 lockdown. I read a wide variety of books. It started with “Deception Point” and “High Rise” by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Then I read “Feed” by M. T. Anderson, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson, and “Warriors” by Erin Hunter.

6. I started new hobbies:

It helped me to explore different things I’ve never tried before. It’s good to find out more about yourself through new hobbies. I began to learn how to play the guitar and got interested in new poetry genres like free verse.
Heading into my second year, I was better equipped with the knowledge of what to do and what not to do during COVID-19 lockouts. I spent all my time wisely, making sure that I put myself through exciting experiences.

7. Maintaining a positive attitude:

You can’t just sit there and mope or complain about your situation. Make the best out of it while you have some free time by doing anything you want, whether that be some sport, playing some music or just watching a movie or series. Having a positive attitude can help you to enjoy your experience even more.

8. Friends and Family:

My friends and family played a big role in keeping me sane during COVID-19 because they kept my spirits high. They always call /text to check up on me and joke around with me. This is what kept my spirits high. When I think of how much I miss them, it keeps me motivated not to mess up COVID-19.

9. Music:

Music has always been a part of my life; it was one of my biggest motivators when staying sane in the COVID-19 lockdown. All you need is your phone or mp3 player and headphones. Music is a great motivator and helps you to stay calm through the stressful lockouts.

10. Meditation:

I meditated almost every day because of my interest for yoga and meditation techniques. I even started to make my own meditation tapes which helped me rest more, and concentrate on my lockouts much easier. I also used meditation to help me focus on my lockout and emotions while I was doing it.


I also wrote a lot of stories on my laptop in journals about what happened to me during COVID-19 and fictional stories about dragon’s and fairies and other fantasy creatures that existed in a magical world where magic is real, were half human half magic creatures exist, and there are no rules against magic but instead, it is accepted as a part of life and everything can be done with the use of magic.

I remembered that no matter what, there is always a positive side to everything in life and that COVID-19 lockdown taught me so much more than just how to survive in a room for an extended period of time.


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