Easy Trivia Questions and Answers

Easy Trivia Questions and Answers

Easy Trivia Questions and Answers


Easy Trivia Questions Part 1


1) In what year was the world’s first nuclear bomb detonated?

Answer: 1945


2) Where would you find a swash?

A) A bay
B) A beach
C) A plain
D) A valley

Answer: B


3) Who would use a hammer and tongs?

A) Blacksmith
B) Cooper
C) Haberdasher
D) Catholic priest
E) Teacher

Answer: A

“Strike while the iron is hot” is an old saying derived from blacksmithing practices.


4) What was the name of the first dog sent into space?

Answer: Laika


5) In U.S. geography, which southern port town is nicknamed Crescent City?

Answer: New Orleans


6) The moon has no:

A) Craters
B) Mountains
C) Atmosphere

Answer: C


7) The age of a horse is commonly determined by examining which part of its body?

A) Mane
B) Eyes
C) Teeth
D) Hooves

Answer: C


8) This person is known for his contributions to the study of physics and for having an apple fall on his head. Can you name the scientist?

A) Galileo
B) Sir Isaac Newton
C) Nicolaus Copernicus

Answer: B


9) What makes the lantern fish so unique?

A) Lamp on its head
B) Oily residue on skin
C) Wick-like tongue
D) Glowing body
E) Fluorescent scales

Answer: A

Living in the dark of the deep oceans, it uses its built-in light to attract prey.


10) Thomas Edison, who developed the light bulb and the phonograph, estimated famously that only 1% of genius was due to inspiration. What did he say was responsible for the other 99%?

Answer: Perspiration


11) “Ginnie Mae” is a term you could expect to hear from a:

A) Performance artist
B) Used car salesman
C) Banker
D) Civil rights activist
E) Bartender

Answer: C

The term “Ginnie Mae” is used by lenders to describe the government’s national mortgage association.


12) In the United States, what annual observance occurs on the eve of All Saints’ Day?

Answer: Halloween


13) Which type of glass became highly popular as an art form during the medieval period?

Answer: Stained glass


14) Factors that affect the braking distance of the vehicle are:

A) Experience and age of the driver
B) Age of the engine and suspension
C) Tire and road conditions



15) Why do fireflies flash?

Answer: A chemical reaction related to the mating process causes the bursts of light. The male and female fireflies have different patterns of flashing, but it is much too complicated to discuss here.


Easy Trivia Questions Part 2


16) If you authoritatively tell someone to do something, you are said to be “laying down the” what?

A) Law
B) Carpet
C) Topsoil
D) Mattress

Answer: A


17) Which U.S. city has an international airport called Lambert?

Answer: St. Louis


18) An example where a solution contains two liquids is:

A) A cup of instant coffee
B) Cleaning wet paintbrushes with turpentine or water
C) An ocean of saltwater

Answer: B


19) The first book of the New Testament is “The Gospel According to _______ .”

A) St. John
B) St. Luke
C) St. Matthew
D) St. Mark
E) St. Andrew

Answer: C

Although all four Gospels tell the same story, there are slight differences among them.


20) Who would you most likely see wearing a chevron?

A) Priest
B) Soldier
C) Doctor
D) Scuba diver
E) Painter

Answer: B

It is a sleeve badge consisting of one or more stripes indicating rank in the service.


21) Who’d begun work on a tenth symphony when he died during a thunderstorm in 1827?

A) Beethoven
B) Brahms
C) Haydn

Answer: A


22) The function of root hairs (plant) is to:

A) Increase surface area for greater absorption of water
B) Protect the plant from invading fungi and worms
C) Provide support for the plant

Answer: A


23) In nature, cirrus, nimbus and stratus are all forms of what?

Answer: Clouds


24) All of these are kinds of neckties except:

A) Ascot
B) Foulard
C) Cravat
D) Jabot
E) Lorgnette

Answer: E

A lorgnette is a pair of glasses attached to a handle.


25) How many U.S. Presidents have been assassinated?

Answer: 4


26) Which Beethoven symphony immortalized the cuckoo bird?

Answer: Symphony No. 6


27) What is the largest land animal?

Answer: The African elephant.

The world’s largest land animal can weigh more than eight tons and measure twelve to thirteen feet tall. The Indian elephant is a smaller elephant, but still can weigh as much as six tons.


28) What nautical term for a type of sail was first applied to buildings in Chicago in the 1880s?

Answer: Skyscraper


29) How many players are there in a netball team?

Answer: 7


30) What is the zip code for the US state of Maine?

Answer: ME


Easy Trivia Questions Part 3


31) The scientific term “half-life” is applied to:

A) Inert gases
B) Natural fuel
C) Radioactive substances
D) Genetic material
E) Single-celled animals

Answer: C

It is the period needed for disintegration of half the atoms in a radioactive sample.


32) How many legs does a spider have?

Answer: 8


33) What city boasts the highest Greek population outside Athens?

Answer: New York


34) Famous toys of the Indus Valley Civilization of carts, figurines with movable heads were crafted out of:

A) Terracotta
B) Bronze
C) Limestone
D) Wood

Answer: A


35) This person won the Nobel Prize twice–once in physics and once in chemistry. Can you name the scientist?

A) Konrad Lorenz
B) Marie Curie
C) Albert Einstein

Answer: B


36) According to the twenty-sixth amendment of the Constitution, what is the minimum voting age in the United States?

Answer: 18


37) What is the biggest fish in the world?

Answer: The whale shark.

This shark lives in the open sea and has a lifespan of about 70 years.


38) What word described a convict who had received an early remission of his sentence?

Answer: Emancipist


39) All these words except _______ relate to knowledge, wisdom or understanding.

A) Sagacious
B) Cursory
C) Discerning
D) Erudite
E) Oracular

Answer: B

Cursory means hasty.


40) In which American state are the sources of the Red river, St Lawrence river and the Mississippi river?

Answer: Minnesota


41) What are the subjects of a ‘conversation piece’ usually doing?

A) Debating
B) Talking
C) Dancing

Answer: B


42) Fleas are bloodsuckers.

A) True
B) False

Answer: A


43) In movies, “Scamp’s Adventure” is the home video sequel to which Disney animated film?

Answer: The Lady and the Tramp


44) What do you call a grouping of flies?

Answer: A swarm


45) Who was the first person to receive Honorary U.S. Citizenship?

Answer: Winston Churchill


46) Who was the only US president to serve more than two terms?

Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR served four terms.


47) What fish is the world’s largest?

Answer: The world’s largest fish is the whale shark, which can grow to longer than 40 feet and can weigh as much as 30,000 pounds. Despite their huge size, they are not considered a threat to people. The whale shark is what’s known as a filter feeder it swims with its six-foot-wide mouth open, exposing its 600 tiny teeth, gathering small fish, crustaceans, and squid. The largest known whale shark was captured in 1919. It was over 60 feet long, and weighed 80,000 pounds! That’s a lot of filter feeding!


48) Which international sport uses rings and parallel bars?

Answer: Gymnastics


49) The adult male of this species is called a reynard:

A) Gorilla
B) Frog
C) Hippopotamus
D) Fox
E) Flamingo

Answer: D

The name comes from a French poem of the Middle ages, “Reynard the Fox.”


50) What Central American country lies due east of Hawaii?

Answer: Mexico


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