Daily Trivia Questions and Answers

Daily Trivia Questions and Answers

Daily Trivia Questions and Answers


Daily Trivia Questions Part 1


1) David Ben Gurion became prime minister of which country in 1948?

Answer: Israel


2) Who was the author of the book The Tin Drum?

Answer: Gunter Grass


3) Which TV show was not based on true events?

A) Dragnet
B) Little House on the Prairie
C) Rockford Files
D) The FBI
E) The Waltons

Answer: C

The Rockford Files is an American detective drama with James Garner. The show aired on NBC from September 1974 to January 1980 and has since remained in syndication.


4) Which city is home to the Bolshoi Theatre, the Museum of the Revolution, and the Exhibition of Economic Achievements?

A) Berlin
B) Moscow
C) St. Petersburg
D) Paris

Answer: B


5) In literature, which British author wrote 1984?

Answer: George Orwell


6) One revolution of the moon around the earth takes about:

A) 30 days
B) 27 days
C) No time, because the moon does not revolve

Answer: B


7) Which of these is a “perfect number”?

A) 5
B) 14
C) 54
D) 28

Answer: D


8) What are classified by their measurement in degrees as ‘right’, ‘reflex’, ‘obtuse’ or ‘acute’?

Answer: Angles


9) Hiring your daughter as vice-president is called:

A) Nepotism
B) Favoritism
C) Patronage
D) Familialism
E) Relativism

Answer: A


10) The rate of change of speed is called:

A) Velocity
B) Acceleration
C) Friction

Answer: B


11) Which word is not a term for a type of fool?

A) Dolt
B) Blockhead
C) Newt
D) Nincompoop
E) Numskull

Answer: C

A newt is a type of amphibian.


12) Filtration is used to separate:

A) Soluble mixtures in water
B) Insoluble substances from water
C) Solutions

Answer: B


13) Which modern Australian building is made up of a series of large concrete “shells” or “sails”?

Answer: The Sydney Opera House


14) Which of these are not scientifically classified as fish?

A) Sea horse and eel
B) Jellyfish and lungfish
C) Starfish and jellyfish

Answer: C


15) How fast can dragonflies fly?

A) 30 mph
B) 10 mph
C) 20 mph
D) 40 mph
E) 50 mph

Answer: A


16) Which is the only straight-shaped member of the saxophone family in common use?

Answer: Soprano saxophone


17) In art, the Louvre Museum’s “Foyer of the Dance” is a work by which artist known for his paintings of ballerinas?

Answer: Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas


18) “Boston Crab” is a term used in which sport?

Answer: Wrestling.


19) More than 90 percent of ________, the capital of Poland, was destroyed in World War II, but the city’s historic Old Town section was painstakingly restored.

Answer: Warsaw

Poland’s capital and largest city, Warsaw, was mostly destroyed during World War II. With the fall of communism in 1989 and an economic boom in the 1990s, Warsaw has grown rapidly to become a financial and cultural center of eastern Europe.


20) What is a gradual decrease of a Tempo called?

A) Retardando
B) Presto
C) Allegro
D) Moderato

Answer: A


21) What TV series did James Bond’s creator Ian Fleming involve himself with?

Answer: Man From U.N.C.L.E.


22) What deadly disease was known as Colonial Fever?

Answer: Typhoid


23) The only animal listed that is a vegetarian is the:

A) Baboon
B) Gorilla
C) Weasel
D) Monkey
E) Hyena
Answer: B

The big ape eats leaves, stalks and bamboo shoots.


24) What flows from the Black Forest to the Black Sea and is the second-longest river in Europe?

Answer: Danube


25) What operatic heroine commits suicide on her father’s sword?

A) Carmen
B) Aida
C) Madame Butterfly

Answer: C


Daily Trivia Questions Part 2


26) In computing, a kilobyte is 1,000 bytes.

A) True
B) False

Answer: B


27) Which type of steerable balloon airship is named for the German count who invented it?

Answer: Zeppelin


28) What do you call a grouping of ducks?

Answer: A brace, paddling or team of ducks


29) In what country was Nostradamus was born?

Answer: France


30) Which president’s 135 words made for the briefest inauguration speech in American history?

Answer: George Washington


31) Do any mammals lay eggs?

Answer: Yes, both the spiny anteater and the duck-billed platypus are mammals and lay eggs.


32) What German speaking region of Czechoslovakia did Hitler desire by the end of the 1930’s?

A) Alsace
B) Bavaria
C) Sudetenland
D) Lorraine

Answer: C

Hitler took the Sudetenland claiming ethnic Germans were being mistreated.


33) In which galaxy do we live?

Answer: The Milky Way


34) In chemistry, the melting point and the freezing point are:

A) 32 apart
B) The same temperature
C) Flash points
D) 100 apart
E) Where explosions occur

Answer: B

The temperature that a substance freezes is also the temperature that it melts.


35) What is the capital of Syria?

A) Damascus
B) Aleppo
C) Homs
D) Kampala

Answer: A


36) What bank’s 600-foot London building towers over the City?

Answer: National Westminster’s


37) Which statement is true?

A) Falling stars are comets.
B) Falling stars are asteroids.
C) Falling stars are meteors.

Answer: C


38) Which is larger?

A) A galaxy
B) A universe
C) A solar system

Answer: B

The universe is the largest thing there is. It is everything. A galaxy is an ensemble of hundreds of millions of stars–astronomers estimate that there are about 125 billion galaxies in the universe. A solar system is a group of celestial bodies orbiting a star.


39) The fastest running insect is a(n):

A) Army ant
B) Cockroach
C) Stag beetle

Answer: B


40) What animal can be trained to detect various forms of cancers in humans?

Answer: The dog

Dog nose prints are actually as unique as human fingerprints and can also be used for identification.


41) Factors which affect the reaction time of the driver are:

A) Engine power and brake condition
B) Driver’s age and alcohol consumption
C) Tire and road conditions

Answer: B


42) What scandal was the Tower Commission set up to investigate in 1986?

Answer: Iran-Contra Affair


43) Molecules are made up from two or more ___

A) Electrons
B) Substances
C) Mixtures
D) Atoms

Answer: D


44) Who was the king of England during World War II?

A) George VI
B) James II
C) William IV
D) Edward VIII
E) Charles I

Answer: A

His visits to bombed areas, war plants and theaters of war helped keep up British morale.


45) Amphibians live:

A) Breathe with both gills and lungs simultaneously
B) The early part of their lives in water and the latter part of their lives on land
C) live on both land and in water for their whole lives

Answer: B


46) In history, the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 signaled the end of what war?

Answer: World War 1


47) Which modern instrument was developed from the sackbut?

Answer: Trombone


48) What European capital lies on both banks of the Vistula River?

A) Warsaw
B) Budapest
C) Vilnius
D) Sarajevo

Answer: A


49) Who wrote Hard Times?

Answer: Charles Dickens.


50) A “hirsute” person is very:

A) Tall
B) Obese
C) Skinny
D) Short
E) Hairy

Answer: E

Someone with hirsutism has an abnormally heavy growth of body hair


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