Current Affairs Quiz


Current Affairs Quiz


Current Affairs Quiz December 1-7th 2022 Part 1


1) In which city is the International Gita Mahotsav-2022 taking place?

Answer: Kurukshetra


2) What is the date on which International Cheetah Day is celebrated each year?

Answer: December 04


3) In Colombo, Urvashi Singh won two WBC titles by defeating who?

Answer: Thanchanok Phanan


4) Which country has re-elected Teodoro Obiang Mbasogo as President?

Answer: Equatorial Guinea


5) Which month did India take on the presidency of the UN Security Council?

Answer: December


6) Which country’s president will be the chief guest at India’s Republic Day celebrations in 2023?

Answer: Egypt


7) How many bills, including the Biodiversity Amendment Bill, is the Union Government to introduce in the upcoming winter session?

Answer: 16


8) Which country is the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea off the coast of where researchers discovered five new species of black coral?

Answer: Australia.


9) To which post did Vinay Mohan Kwatra receive a 16-month extension?

Answer: Foreign Secretary


10) In which state is the 23rd Hornbill festival to be organized?

Answer: Nagaland


11) Provide the name of the celebrity who is signed as a brand ambassador by wearables brand Noise?

Answer: Virat Kohli


12) What state recently passed a law to increase penalties, including jail time and fines, for forced conversions and “mass conversion”?

Answer: Uttarakhand


13) What is the date for National Organ Donation Day?

Answer: November 27


14) The RBI has conditionally granted The Carlyle Group and Advent permission to acquire a 9.99% stake in which Bank.

Answer: Yes Bank


15) Provide the name of the individual who has been appointed to the role of Revenue Secretary

Answer: Sanjay Malhotra


16) In which country did two volcanic eruptions in the Kamchatka Peninsula region of Siberia erupt?

Answer: Russia


17) In Vijay Hazare Trophy final, how many wickets did Saurashtra win over Maharashtra?

Answer: 5


18) On what date did the 30-share BSE Sensex close for the first time above 63,000 points?

Answer: November 30


19) Where did the First National coastal security conference-2022 take place?

Answer: Chennai


20) What nation has seen a substantial decrease in its Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR)?

Answer: India


21) Which team was the first to tally 500 runs in a single day of a Test match?

Answer: England


22) Which nation, in addition to the United States, participated in the 18th Yudh Abhyas joint military exercise?

Answer: India


23) The National Statistical Commission has named who as its chairperson?

Answer: Rajeeva Laxman Karandikar


24) On what date is World AIDS Day observed?

Answer: December 1


25) RRPR Holdings was taken over by which group?

Answer: Adani Group


26) In which state was the 53rd International Film Festival of India held?

Answer: Goa


27) From what year onwards will the Pre-matric Scholarship be available to minorities in classes 9 and 10?

Answer: 2022-23


28) What person has been elected to serve as president of AAAI?

Answer: Prasanth Kumar.


29) Which state’s Temples does the Madras High Court prohibit the use of mobile phones inside?

Answer: Tamil Nadu


30) In which city will Aero India 2023 be held from 13-17 Feb 2023?

Answer: Bengaluru


31) What time frame has the WMO identified as having a dramatic decrease in the amount of water in the Ganga?

Answer: 2002-2021


32) Name of the city that will host the 2022 celebration of Indian Navy Day?

Answer: Visakhapatnam


33) In which year will Vistara and Air India merge?

Answer: 2024


34) At how many airports was the Digi Yatra introduced by Jyotiraditya Scindia, the Union Minister for Civil Aviation?

Answer: 3


35) Which country’s Great Barrier Reef has been recommended by a UN panel to be listed as a World Heritage Site in Danger?

Answer: Australia


Current Affairs Quiz December 1-7th 2022 Part 2


36) Which company got the contract to redevelop the Dharavi slums?

Answer: Adani Group


37) National Gopal Ratna award 2022 received  by Jitendra Singh, who belongs to which state?

Answer: Haryana


38) Which country is set to host the Third blind T-20 Cricket World Cup-2022?

Answer: India


39) By how much has the HIV infection rate decreased from 2010 to 2021?

Answer: 46%


40) For which month in 2022 did India assume the Presidency of the UNSC?

Answer: December


41) In which country will the third T20 World Cup cricket tournament for the Blind take place?

Answer: India


42) How many tiered regulatory frameworks, based on the size of deposits, were announced by the RBI for urban cooperative banks?

Answer: 4


43) Which country, along with India, carried out the bilateral exercise ‘Agni Warrior’?

Answer: Singapore


44) At the Global Banking Summit, which bank was selected for the Banker’s Bank of the Year Award?

Answer: Canara Bank


45) Which individual was bestowed with Padma Bhushan – India’s third-highest civilian award under the Trade and Industry division in 2022?

Answer: Sundar Pichai


46) National Advocate Day celebrate on what date?

Answer: December 03


47) In which nation was a 48,500-year-old ‘zombie virus’ revealed at the bottom of a glaciated lake?

Answer: Russia


48) In which state was Tree Tag, a green start-up, honored with an award at the 2022 Climathon?

Answer: Kerala


49) What is the name of the person who became the Secretary of the Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education GoI?

Answer: Sanjay Kumar


50) Which state raised the monthly pension amount for persons with disabilities?

Answer: Tamil Nadu


51) In which state was the ‘One District One Sport’ scheme launch?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh


52) What rank did Mumbai hold in Knight Frank’s Global Prime Cities Index?

Answer: 22nd


53) In which state will the inaugural drone station for healthcare service delivery be established?

Answer: Meghalaya


54) In which state was the Barak valley first home to the Sylhet-Silchar festival?

Answer: Assam


55) In which city was the MK-III advanced light Helicopter commissioned?

Answer: Chennai


56) In which state did the election commission establish a polling booth for a single voter?

Answer: Gujarat


57) In which state was the first Tribal Winter Festival held?

Answer: J&K


58) In which state will the International Lusophone Festival be hosted?

Answer: Goa


59) In which country was the ‘Emissary of Peace’ award given to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?

Answer: USA


60) Which country is the Indian naval fleet going on a friendship tour to?

Answer: Vietnam


61) How many female scientists of Indian origin have been chosen for Australia’s Superstars of STEM?

Answer: 3


62) Which state appointed Parson Joshi, renowned lyricist, poet and writer, as their brand ambassador?

Answer: Uttarakhand


63) In what state is the two-day Silchar-Sylhet Festival, honoring the Barak, hosted?

Answer: Assam


64) Which country’s first private launchpad has been set up by AgniKul Cosmos at Sriharikota?

Answer: India


65) To whom has SEBI given approval to serve as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BSE?

Answer: Sundararaman Ramamurthy


66) On what date will India take up the chairmanship of the Wassenaar Arrangement?

Answer: 1 January 2023


67) Who will be the chief guest at the “Millets-Smart Nutritive Food” Conclave in New Delhi?

Answer: The Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal will be the chief guest at the conclave.


68) On which date is World Soil Day observed each year?

Answer: December 05


69) Which nation has reached a spot among the top 50 in the Global Aviation Safety Ranking?

Answer: India


70) What country bestowed the name “Mandous” upon the cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal?

Answer: United Arab Emirates


Current Affairs Quiz December 1-7th 2022 Part 3


71) In which state was Asia’s first Drone delivery hub launched to promote simple access to healthcare?

Answer: Meghalaya


72) What nation was accorded Earthshot award-2022 for its start-up in ‘KHEYTI’?

Answer: India


73) Which Indian Institute of Technology created a ‘non-electrical’ heating system powered by water?

Answer: IIT Delhi


74) In which city did India launch its first gold ATM?

Answer: Hyderabad


75) Who was chosen to be the Chairman & MD of BHAVIN?

Answer: K. V. Suresh Kumar


76) In which country did Google launch its anti-misinformation campaign?

Answer: India


77) What IIT researchers were involved in the creation of the Ocean Wave Energy converter?

Answer: IIT Madras


78) What is the name of the individual whom the BCCI appointed as batting coach of the Indian women’s cricket team?

Answer: Hrishikesh Kanitkar


79) How many National Institutes of AYUSH will the Prime Minister dedicate to the nation?

Answer: 3


80) To which country does Mina Sue Choi, Miss Earth 2022, belong?

Answer: South Korea


81) What state has issued guidelines to avoid employee dismissal without any enquiry?

Answer: Haryana


82) Which of the four Indian women is an actress on the BBC’s list of 100 influential women?

Answer: Priyanka Chopra


83) From which game did Eden Hazard announce his retirement?

Answer: Football


84) What country comes in third as India’s biggest trading partner, after China and the US, for the year 2022?

Answer: UAE


85) What is the most popular search term on Google in India for 2022?

Answer: IPL


86) Who has been chosen to fill the position of ONGC’s new Chairman?

Answer: Arun Kumar Singh


87) Dina Boluarte of what nation became its first female president?

Answer: Peru


88) To which country is NDDB and Amul providing technology to boost milk production?

Answer: Sri Lanka


89) Where is Mount Semeru volcano, which has recently erupted and released ash into the sky, causing evacuations?

Answer: Indonesia


90) Which country recently celebrated Armed Forces Flag Day?

Answer: India


91) To which state’s Kalamandalam Deemed University did Mallika Sarabhai become the Chancellor of?

Answer: Kerala


92) To which profession did Kumble Sundar Rao, who passed away, belong?

Answer: Artist


93) What profession did Manohar Devadoss, who has passed away, belong to?

Answer: Writer


94) By how much has the RBI increased the repo rate?

Answer: 35 basis points


95) To which profession did Yoginder K Alagh, who has passed away, belong?

Answer: Economist


96) In which country will India planned to organised the 12th World Hindi Conference in February?

Answer: Fiji


97) In which city is Jindal Shadeed Group establish a green steel plant with an investment of $3 billion?

Answer: Oman


98) By whom was the book “Brave Hearts of Bharat, Vignettes from Indian History” composed?

Answer: Vikram Sampath


99) Which state High Court did Justice Tashi Rabstan get appointed as acting chief justice of?

Answer: J&K


100) Which country, together with India, declared December 06 as ‘Maitri Divas’?

Answer: Bangladesh


Current Affairs Quiz December 1-7th 2022 Part 4


101) In which state will the 11th edition of the Admiral’s Cup Regatta commence on the 6th of December, 2022?

Answer: Kerala


102) In which country did Veena Nair, of Indian origin, receive the Prime Minister’s award?

Answer: Australia


103) At the 2022 Weightlifting World Championships, who won the silver medal?

Answer: Mirabai Chanu


104) What nation is collaborating with India on the Kaziranga initiative?

Answer: France


105) What state will be home to the first Divyang department?

Answer: Maharashtra


106) At the final of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which actress will be revealing the Trophy?

Answer: Deepika Padukone


107) In which game did Manisha Ramadass win the BWF Female Player of the Year award?

Answer: Badminton


108) What is the name of India’s seventy-seventh Chess Grandmaster?

Answer: Aditya Mittal


109) Forbes Asia’s 16th edition of Heroes of Philanthropy List includes how many billionaires from India?

Answer: 3


110) In which state does the 7th edition of the Sangam exercise begin?

Answer: Goa


111) What city will Host Technotex 2023 from 22 to 24 February, 2023?

Answer: Mumbai


112) For which country’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, was 2022 Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ designation given?

Answer: Ukraine