Common General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Common General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Common General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Common General Knowledge Questions Part 1 (Quiz 1-15)


1) Auditory nerve is a:

Answer: Eighth cranial nerve.


2) The ancient Egyptians’ script which means “sacred writing”:

Answer: Hieroglyphic.


3) Who formed the base of the feudal society?

Answer: The serfs.


4) The unification of Germany was undertaken by:

Answer: Otto von Bismarck.


5) The country that launched the first manmade satellite named Sputnik I:

Answer: U.S.S.R (4th October 1957).


6) The ruler of Rome who was first to recognise two kinds of citizens in the country as Plebeians and the Patricians:

Answer: Servius.


7) Who were the member countries of the Triple Entente?

Answer: Britain, France and Russia.


8) What was the relationship between Charles II and James II of Great Britain?

Answer: They were brothers.


9) Which ocean surrounds the North Pole?

Answer: Arctic Ocean.


10) The people of the Asiatic Steppes are known as?

Answer: Kyrgyz.


11) The oldest functioning hotel in Asia?

Answer: The Great Eastern Hotel, Calcutta.


12) What are the two major industrial cities in northern Italy?

Answer: Milan and Turin.


13) Which northern Nigeria city is the centre on which the major caravan routes converge?

Answer: Kano.


14) Which is the biggest French territory in the Caribbean?

Answer: Guadeloupe.


15) Which port does Bolivia use in Chile?

Answer: Arica.


Common General Knowledge Questions Part 2 (Quiz 15-30)


16) Which crop is under the largest acreage in Australia?

Answer: Wheat.


17) On the Andes mountain creatures, which one is famous for its wool?

Answer: Alpaca.


18) ‘The Strategy of Economic Development’ is the work of:

Answer: Albert O. Hirschman.


19) Where is the head quarters of Space Application Centre?

Answer: Ahmedabad.


20) What is the autobiography of Sophia Loren named?

Answer: Sophia, Living and Loving.


21) Where is the head quarters of the UNO?

Answer: In New York.


22) The Peace Prize is awarded in:

Answer: Oslo, Norway.


23) Which Olympics 10000 m ended in the three medals being won by athletes from the same country?

Answer: 1936, Finland.


24) What is the Venue of  The FA Cup Final since 1923?

Answer: London’s Wembley Stadium.


25) When in position on top of the stumps, the bails should project by:

Answer: 0.75 inch.


26) Which player won three Wimbledon titles in his first attempt, but never played there again?

Answer: Bobby Riggs (1939).


27) Bees cannot distinguish one colour, which?

Answer: Yellow.


28) What did the Hebrews that moved to Babylon think when they saw the remaining of Ziggurats?

Answer: They took it for the Tower of Babel.


29) Name the plant which spreads over a large area:

Answer: Banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis).


30) Which country is the biggest producer of manganese?

Answer: India.


Common General Knowledge Questions Part 3 (Quiz 31-40)


31) Name the organisation where the whole task of top level management is divided into a number of functions according to the nature of work involved:

Answer: Functional organisation.


32) In public key systems one key may be publically known and other must be kept:

Answer: Secret.


33) Which is High Frequencies (HF) band?

Answer: 3-30 Mhz.


34) Platforms built for ship to come close to the shore are known as:

Answer: Wharves.


35) How many phases are there for man’s interaction with his environment?

Answer: Three.


36) What kind of geometrical reflecting surface would concentrate parallel rays to one point?

Answer: Paraboloid.


37) Which waves are used in Sonography?

Answer: Ultrasonic.


38) In which year Sirius crossed the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: 1838.


39) Who introduced the Petrarchan sonnet form (octave and sestet) into English?

Answer: Wyatt and Surrey.


40) Is it true or false to say there is no loss of fuel when internal combustion engine is not running?

Answer: True.


Common General Knowledge Questions Part 4


41) What are the main contributions of Buddhism?

Answer: Sacrifice, the independence of the religion.


42) Who wrote, “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few are to be chewed and digested”?

Answer: Francis Bacon.


43) What was the title of Brecht’s adaptation of the Beggar’s opera, which included the song ‘Mack the Knife’?

Answer: The Threepenny.


44) Neptune was the Roman King of the oceans but the Greeks had another name for him. What was it?

Answer: Poseidon.


45) Who promised America – “This nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth”?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.


46) What do you mean by East Australian current?

Answer: The warm ocean current flowing along the eastern coast of Australia.


47) Émile Durkheim classified societies according to their:

Answer: Volume and density.


48) With which religion is the town of Bethlehem associated?

Answer: Christianity.


49) What are collateral loans?

Answer: Loans secured by collateral security.


50) Who began work on an electric telegraph in 1830’s?

Answer: Samuel F. B. Morse.


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