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Bible Trivia Quiz Questions Part 1


1) Who found water in the wilderness when pastured the donkeys?

Answer: Anah.


2) According to the Genesis creation narrative, what was created by God to separate the “waters above” the earth from the “waters below” the earth?

Answer: Sky.


3) Who is the son of Anah?

Answer: Dishon.


4) “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night”. Which is the greater light that rules the day?

Answer: Sun.


5) Which is the city of Bela Edom?

Answer: Dinhabah.


6) On the fourth day of creation, which was the lesser light created by the God to rule the night?

Answer: Moon.


7) Who was reigned the country of Dinhabah after Bela?

Answer: Jobab.


8) In Genesis 1:27, God created what in his own image?

Answer: Man.


9) To whom sold Joseph by Midianites?

Answer: To Potiphar (He is the guard of Pharaoh).


10) According to Genesis, God has made _ for food for all.

Answer: Herbs.


11) The wife of Judah?

Answer: Daughter of Shua, a Canaanite.


12) On which day God ended his work and he rested from all his work which he had made.

Answer: 7th day.


13) Who was the Bible character birth with the scarlet thread on his hand?

Answer: Zerah.


14) Name the first partition of the river which went out of Eden to water the garden

Answer: Pishon.


15) Who was the mother of Zerah?

Answer: Tamar.


16) Which region was surrounded by the river Pishon?

Answer: The land of Havilah


17) Who was the Twins brother of Zerah?

Answer: Perez.


18) Name the second river from Eden which passes through Cush land.

Answer: Gihon.


19) Who was interpreted the dream, dreamed by Pharaoh in Egypt?

Answer: Joseph.


20) Which land mass is encompasses by Euphrates and Tigris rivers?

Answer: East of Assyria.


21) What was the name Pharaoh called to Joseph?

Answer: Zaphnath-paaneah.


22) The Bible says “she shall be called Woman” and why?

Answer: Because she was taken out of Man.


23) What was the name given by Joseph to his second son saying “God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction?

Answer: Ephraim.


24) As in the Bible, How did God make the woman?

Answer: God took one rib from the man and created a woman with it.


25) The land act still today existing in Egypt which was made by Joseph?

Answer: Pharaoh should have one-fifth of crop except for the land of the priests.


Bible Trivia Quiz Questions Part 2 (Questions 26-50)


26) Which creature was subtle than any beast of the field that the LORD God had made?

Answer: Serpent.


27) Which are the supply cities built by Egyptians to Pharaoh?

Answer: Pithom, Rameses.


28) According to the Bible, for what reason the fate of man is to become dust at the end.

Answer: Because of the curse given by God to Adam.


29) Who is the child of Israel received from the Nile River?

Answer: Moses.


30) How got the name, Moses?

Answer: As drew him out of the water.


31) When man ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge, what did he gain?

Answer: Ability to know good and evils.


32) What was the guilt done by Adam and Eve which made them to abandon Eden Garden

Answer: The command of God denied and ate prohibited fruit.


33) Who is the wife of Moses?

Answer: Zipporah.


34) What is the name of the first child of Adam and Eve?

Answer: Cain.


35) Who is the son of Moses?

Answer: Gershom.


36) What is the name of Adam and Eve’s second child?

Answer: Abel.


37) Why named Moses son Gershom?

Answer: He has been a stranger in a foreign land in a short period.


38) According to the Bible, the occupation of Abel was _

Answer: Sheep keeper.


39) Who was the priest of Midian?

Answer: Jethro.


40) According to the Bible, what was Cain’s occupation?

Answer: Agriculture.


41) Where did God appear to Moses?

Answer: Mount Sinai.


42) Abel was killed by _

Answer: Cain.


43) Who was the father-in-law of Moses?

Answer: Jethro.


44) After Abel’s murder, Cain went to _

Answer: Land of Nod.


45) Who is the Bible character who is prophet and sister of Aaron?

Answer: Miriam.


46) What was the name of Cain’s son?

Answer: Enoch.


47) How got the name as Marah?

Answer: Waters of Marah were bitter. Therefore the name of it was called Marah.


48) A city was built for Enoch by Cain. What was its name?

Answer: Enoch.


49) What does ‘Marah’ mean?

Answer: Bitter.


50) Enoch had a son. What was his name?

Answer: Irad.


Bible Trivia Quiz Questions Part 3 (Questions 51-75)


51) Where is Sin desert situated?

Answer: Between Elim and Sinai.


52) What was the name of Mehujael’s father?

Answer: Irad.


53) What food God has given like small white coriander seed and taste of it was like wafers made with honey?

Answer: Manna.


54) What was the name of Methuselah’s father?

Answer: Mehujael.


55) Another name of Massah City?

Answer: Meribah.


56) Lamech’s wives were _ and _

Answer: Adah and Zillah.


57) Which is the birthplace of Moses?

Answer: Israel.


58) Jubal’s mother was _

Answer: Adah.


59) When did Moses reach of Sinai desert?

Answer: In the third New moon day.


60) Jabal had a sibling. What was his name?

Answer: Jubal.


61) God called; to make Ephod with which materials?

Answer: Gold and blue purple and scarlet thread and weaved fine linen.


62) Name “the father of those who dwells in tents and have livestock” or ‘forefather of shepherds ‘, according to Bible

Answer: Jabal.


63) What does Sabbath intent?

Answer: Symbol of God’s resting of the seventh day after involving in six days work of creation.


64) According to the Bible, who was the forefather of all musicians or “father of harp and flute players?

Answer: Jabal.


65) What all things did the Lord order to put in the breastplate of judgment?

Answer: Urim and Thummim.


66) Name Cain’s wife whose son was Jubal

Answer: Zillah.


67) What should be the colour of Ephod’s robe?

Answer: Blue.


68) Name Cain’s daughter and Jubal’s sister

Answer: Naamah.


69) God requested, what engrave shall be on Aaron’s forehead?

Answer: Pure engravement to God.


70) Name the third son of Cain?

Answer: Seth.


71) Why did God order engravement shall always be on Aaron’s forehead?

Answer: For accepting the offerings of Israel people by God.


72) Seth had a son. Who was he?

Answer: Enosh.


73) To whom God deputed to consecrate Aaron and his sons?

Answer: Moses.


74) At what age Adam died?

Answer: 930 years.


75) To whom God deputed to design artistic work?

Answer: Bezalel.


Bible Trivia Quiz Questions Part 4 (Questions 76-100)


76) At what age Seth took his last breath?

Answer: 912 years.


77) Who is Bezalel?

Answer: The son of Uri.


78) At the age of 90, Enosh had a son. What was his name?

Answer: Cainan.


79) To whom appointed God as a helper of Bezalel who is the design artist?

Answer: Oholiab.


80) _ was the life span of Cainan.

Answer: 910 years.


81) Oholiab belongs to which tribe?

Answer: Dan.


82) Jared became a father after 162 years. What was his name?

Answer: Enoch.


83) What punishment did God order to those who work on Sabbath day?

Answer: Put to death.


84) Noah’s father’s name is _

Answer: Lamech.


85) As Lord’s call who wrote ten commandments in tablets of stone?

Answer: Moses.


86) Name the three sons of Noah

Answer: Shen, Han, and Japheth.


87) Who were the sons of Aaron?

Answer: Nadabe, Abihu Kohen, Eleazar, Ithamar.


88) In Genesis, some men were portrayed as mighty men or fallen men or Giants. Which was the term used to denote them?

Answer: Nephilim.


89) To whom did God give the duty to take a census of all the congregation of the children of Israel’s?

Answer: Moses.


90) Who found favor with God for he alone was righteous among the people of his day according to the Bible?

Answer: Noah.


91) Where did Moses number the congregation of the children of Israel?

Answer: Sinai desert.


92) Which tree’s trunk was used to make Noah’s Ark?

Answer: Gopher.


93) How many are in the Reuben tribe?

Answer: Forty-six thousand and five hundred.


94) What was the duration of rain and flood after Noah entered into the Ark?

Answer: Forty days and nights.


95) How many members are in the tribe of Simeon?

Answer: Fifty-nine thousand and three hundred.


96) Name the person who planted wine yard for the first time on earth?

Answer: Noah.


97) How many members are in the tribe of Gad?

Answer: Forty-five thousand six hundred and fifty.


98) Japheth had 7 sons. Name them.

Answer: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshek, Tiras.


99) The total number of Judah tribe:

Answer: Seventy-four thousand and six hundred.


100) A biblical figure who was a mighty hunter before the Lord is _

Answer: Nimrod.


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