Best Trivia Questions 2022

Best Trivia Questions 2022


Best Trivia Questions 2022


Best Trivia Questions 2022 Part 1


1) Which Apollo 13 astronaut told Mission Control, “Houston, we’ve had a problem. We’ve had a Main B Bus Undervolt”?

Answer: Jim Lovell


2) Which state’s motto is “Oro y Plata” (gold and silver)?
A) Alaska
B) Montana
C) Nevada
D) Wyoming

Answer: B


3) The House of Savoy was the ruling house of _______ until 1946.
A) Italy
B) England
C) Austria
D) Russia
E) Belgium

Answer: A
The crown was the ancient family’s reward for its contributions to Italian unification.


4) The brightest star in a constellation is called:
A) Alpha
B) Pi
C) Gamma

Answer: A


5) In science, is Earth’s rotation speeding up or is it slowing down?

Answer: slowing down


6) The largest butterfly, the Queen Alexandra of New Guinea, has a wingspan of ____ inches.
A) 6
B) 11
C) 20

Answer: B


7) In 1938, who became the first person to win the Grand Slam of tennis?
A) Helen Wills Moody
B) Shirley Fry
C) Don Budge
D) Fred Perry

Answer: C


8) Who was the first footballer to be capped over one hundred times for England?

Answer: Billy Wright.


9) This quipster once said, “I can resist everything except temptation”:
A) Will Rogers
B) Groucho Marx
C) Oscar Wilde
D) Ernest Hemingway
E) W.C. Fields

Answer: C
This saying with a paradoxical twist is an example of an epigram.


10) Which character in “Alice in Wonderland” is seen always weeping?
A) Mock Turtle
B) Queen of Hearts
C) Mad Hatter
D) March Hare
E) White Rabbit

Answer: A
The Mock Turtle’s conversation consists largely of puns and a play on words.


11) What 14,500 ton stone creation has miraculously not fallen over at the Piazza dei Miracoli?

Answer: The Leaning Tower of Pisa


12) What country has the smallest population?

Answer: Vatican


13) In fashion, Homburg, Stetson and Trilby are all types of what clothing accessory?

Answer: Hat


14) Which animals do not hibernate during winter?
A) Bears
B) Chipmunks
C) Spiny Anteaters
D) Hedgehogs

Answer: A
Bears do not hibernate. Although the term hibernation is often applied to the winter inactivity of bears, their dormancy differs from hibernation in important ways. Unlike hibernating animals, bears only experience a slight drop in body temperature and metabolism during their winter sleep.


15) In the New Testament, the people referred to as “publicans” were:
A) Tax collectors
B) Religious leaders
C) Slaves
D) Governors
E) Gentiles

Answer: A
Those who became tax collectors for Rome were despised by their fellow countrymen.


Best Trivia Questions 2022 Part 2


16) What kind of artist might cover his works with slip?
A) A painter
B) A sculptor
C) A potter

Answer: C


17) In medicine, which Latin term describes the stiffening of muscles after death?

Answer: Rigor mortis


18) Which empire lasted from 1324 to 1922?

Answer: Ottoman Empire


19) Does the planet Mars have moons?

Answer: Yes. Mars has two small moons: Phobos and Deimos. They were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall, and named after the horses in Roman mythology who pulled Mar’s chariot.


20) Who was chief of the Greek gods?

Answer: Zeus


21) Soybeans are used to make all of these products except:
A) Soy milk
B) Tempeh
C) Tofu
D) Tapioca
E) Miso

Answer: D
Tapioca is made from the edible root of a tropical plant called the cassava.


22) What color appears on the flags of all Islamic countries?

Answer: Green


23) If you stretched out the digestive tract of an adult, approximately how long would it be?
A) 20 to 30 feet
B) 6 to 12 feet
C) 30 to 45 feet

Answer: A
If an adult’s digestive tract (also called the alimentary canal) were stretched out, it would be 20 to 30 feet long! The digestive tract makes up most of the digestive system in most animals. In humans, the pancreas and the liver, which release digestive juices into the digestive tract, are located outside of the digestive tract. (Just so you know, the digestive tract passes food through your body, from start to finish.)


24) What is the square-lipped rhinoceros, found in central and southern regions of Africa, better known as?

Answer: The white rhinoceros. In contrast, the black rhinoceros is known as the hook-lipped rhinoceros.


25) Which Iraqi city is the farthest north?
A) Kirkuk
B) Mosul
C) Basra
D) Baghdad

Answer: B


26) A group of stars that form an imaginary pattern is a:
A) Solar system
B) Constellation
C) Galaxy

Answer: B


27) Who, referring to the principle of leverage, said, ‘Give me the place to stand and I will move the earth’?

Answer: Archimedes


28) Using the same muscular force, a karate chop with the side of the hand will hurt more than a hit with the open hand because:
A) The contact surface area is smaller with the karate blow
B) The karate fighter is small but hits harder
C) There are more bones in the side of the hand than the open hand

Answer: A


29) When wood is burnt, the product/s formed:
A) Are the black remains and the gases given off
B) Is only the black charcoal
C) Is the unburnt wood

Answer: A


30) Examples of carbohydrates are:
A) Starch, fruit and oil
B) Meat, fish and oil
C) Sugar, potatoes and pasta

Answer: C


Best Trivia Questions 2022 Part 3


31) Which instrument did Bartolommeo Cristofori invent in 1704?

Answer: Piano


32) What is a samovar?
A) A system of secret printing,
B) A metal urn for making tea
C) A kind of sweater

Answer: B


33) Who shot Abraham Lincoln?
A) John W. Booth
B) Lee Harvey Oswald
C) John Hinckley Jr.
D) James Earl Ray

Answer: A


34) What continent was Bathurst burr introduced from in 1840?

Answer: South America


35) In which county are England’s largest lake and highest mountain situated?

Answer: Cumbria


36) The French eat an average of 5 kilos of snails per head per year. True or False?
A) True
B) False

Answer: A


37) What do you call a grouping of horses?

Answer: A team, pair or harras of horses


38) Which US president won with the smallest percent of the popular vote?

Answer: John Quincy Adams
Adams received fewer popular votes (30.9%) than Andrew Jackson (41.3%) but due to the election laws of the time, since no candidate had a majority of the electoral college vote, the election went to the House of Representatives, where Adams won the vote.


39) What New York City museum calls itself the “World’s Great” exhibition?

Answer: The Guinness World of Records Exhibition, naturally


40) The first Americans were led into Texas by
A) Davy Crockett
B) James Polk
C) Stephen F. Austin
D) Sam Houston

Answer: C


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