50 Facts About Unicorn – Learn About Unicorns

Facts About Unicorn – Learn About Unicorns


Unicorns are mythical creatures that have the body of a horse and the head of a deer. They’re also very hard to find, but if you do manage to see one, word is they are mighty fast and powerful!

The unicorn is probably most famous for its power. Anyone would be awed by the idea that someone might try to slay a unicorn with only an ancient sword.

Unicorns are known for their horns, which are the reason they are so famous. In the past people have tried to use them for just about everything. They have been used in art and medicine, and even as drink-mug handles!

People have also used the horns of the unicorns to decorate shields and weapons. It is said that it’s very easy to tell how strong or powerful a weapon is by looking at its unicorn decoration.

The unicorn also has a coat made of pure silver. The silver was first discovered when people noticed that there were holes in the horn of any particular unicorn that had been killed for one reason or another.

Unicorns are not mythical creatures, but rather earthbound animals without wings. They are not born with horns either, and actually require years to grow a horn. Despite their earthly nature, they possess magical qualities that appear to be capable of killing a person when the unicorn wishes it, but also healing a person when the unicorn wishes it. Unicorns possess magical powers, which are numerous and varied: they can appear and disappear at will; they can make themselves invisible, at least to those who do not understand their ways; they have the power of speech; they can transport themselves and others instantly from one place to another; sometimes they can make people fall asleep or wake up by “whispering in their ears”; they know things that others cannot know, and see things that others cannot see.

Historians believe that the first unicorn picture can be traced back to about 6,000 years ago. However, the earliest evidence of unicorns is believed to be a painting found on a cave wall in France that dates back as far as 10,000 years ago.

Today, people no longer believe in unicorns. But there are still many legends about them. It is said that the last unicorn was killed by an evil sorcerer during a solar eclipse on August 15th, 993 A.D.

Facts About Unicorn

1. Unicorns are not horses with horn.

2. It is popular to think of unicorns as hooved creatures. They’re actually more closely related to deer or goats, and they have a single horn on their forehead rather than two horns on the sides of their heads like a goat does.

3. Another misconception about unicorns is that they’re nice and friendly beasts who only do good things for people, but in medieval times, it was said that if you were bitten by a unicorn you’d die instantly!

4. The colors of a unicorn vary from story to story depending on the time period.

5. In medieval times it was said that unicorn horns had magical healing properties, and that drinking water out of a unicorn horn would cure many diseases.

6. Unicorns once actually existed! A few fossils have been found, and they also appear in cave drawings from ancient times. They became extinct at the end of the last ice age between 9,000 and 10,000 years ago.

7. Unicorns are viewed as symbols of innocence and purity because their horns are thought to have magical powers, but they’re actually quite savage animals who are aggressive toward humans!

8. In medieval times, it was said that unicorns were irresistible to virgins, so virgin girls were put in the woods and unicorn traps made from flowers! If a unicorn came along, it would attract them to a poisonous flower instead of the girl.

9. Unicorns are sometimes considered to be symbols of Christ because they’re fierce yet noble and gentle creatures who have healing powers.

10. The first mentions of unicorns are in Mesopotamian and Indian writings from around the 3rd millennium B.C., but they also appear in Greek writings from around 600 B.C., when there’s record of Alexander the Great encountering them!

11. In the bible, Psalm 92:10 describes how “the unicorn longs to be with them” – it’s thought that this might refer to lonely men who long for god and his power.

12. Unicorns are also thought of as symbols of faith, but in medieval times they were used to symbolize everything that was wrong with Christianity (which is why they were turned into devil-like creatures later on in the Renaissance period).

13. Shakespeare once stated that a unicorn is “a most ridiculous extravagance” and a “thing of nought,” which could refer to a myth about unicorns being creatures of fiction or portray them as lonely and yearning for companionship.

14. Unicorns are said to only be able to be tamed by virgins.

15. In the 17th century, a unicorn horn was even sold for 10,000 pounds! The unicorn horn was then broken off and given as a gift to King Charles II.

16. Unicorns don’t exist anymore, but people still wonder if they’re out there somewhere.

17. The unicorn in Alice in Wonderland was actually based on a creature called the “Giraffe”, which people thought looked like a combination of a horse and a deer.

18. Unicorns are sometimes specified as being white in color, but they’ve also been portrayed as black, brown, gray, or purple! They can be bipedal or quadrupedal depending on the story, too!

19. In alchemy, the unicorn represents the transition between base metals and gold (the purity of God – virgins are often associated with gold as well).

20. Unicorns are often portrayed as being the color of moonlight with stars in their manes, but they can also be golden or white.

21. Unicorns are said to have magic healing powers and drinking a unicorn’s blood is said to cure many diseases!

22. The first uses of unicorns were in Mesopotamian writings around 3,000 B.C., and they were also mentioned in religious texts across many countries and civilizations all over the world!

23. It’s thought that the word unicorn comes from the Latin word unus meaning single and cornu meaning horn – so essentially it means a single-horned creature! A better translation of unicorn would actually be “one-horn’ed”!

24. Where does the unicorn’s horn come from? It’s actually a broken-off piece of its skull!

25. Unicorns are close relations of horses, donkeys, and zebras!

26. The oldest known unicorn fossil is from the Siberian permafrost and it’s over 30,000 years old!

27. On many medieval maps, one-horned creatures that look like unicorns are portrayed in the areas where north America is located today – perhaps they were thought to live there?

28. There’s a unicorn on the Great Seal of the United States! They’re also in many other national seals, including Canada’s.

29. There is no such thing as a baby Unicorn! Once a male unicorn reaches around age 2, he becomes known as an “Immature”, and once he reaches 4 years old, he becomes an “Adult”.

30. Unicorns are thought to be extremely intelligent creatures who like to do things that reflect their personalities – like prancing in rainbows or playing with butterflies!

31. A male unicorn is called a “Bachelor”, and a female unicorn is called a “Virgo” (Latin for virgin).

32. Unicorns become sexually mature when they reach 4 years old.

33. Unicorns are the only creature that can live up to 2000 years, but most stay alive for about 700 to 800 years.

34. Unicorns are often depicted as very calm, quiet creatures – perhaps because they’ve attained peace with God and nature?

35. There are many different types of unicorns: lesser or one-horned, greater or two-horned, sea-unicorns (mermaids), flying unicorns (pegasi), and earth-bound unicorns!

36. Unicorns have been portrayed as friendlier than other mythical creatures and have become a symbol of peace in many different mythological stories and religions!

37. It’s commonly said that the unicorn has no place in the Bible, but actually they have multiple references! The first one is in the book of Job (39:9-12), and the second is in Revelations (4:7).

38. In many cultures across the world, a single horn isn’t to be taken lightly! It’s said to be a symbol of health, strength and fertility.

39. Unicorns are not to be confused with “Unisus”, which was a legendary two-headed creature from Ancient Egypt!

40. Unicorns are very shy creatures who disguise themselves as mares or donkeys when they’re around humans. They also hate dogs because they’re very protective animals!

41. In some cultures, the unicorn has been thought to be a symbol of evil or falsity because they have no soul. Also, in some countries (like England and France), anything that had a unicorn on it was a symbol of heresy, so many people would cut off the head or horn of any “unicorn” art they saw.

42. There is a reference to unicorns in the Bible when Moses was up on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments from God! (Exodus 24:8-10)

43. Unicorns live in lush valleys or pastures which always seem to have a fresh breeze or wind in them and are filled with flowers (especially pink roses)! The lake that sits at the bottom of this valley has a constant ripple in it which is caused by tiny unicorns frolicking below!

44. The unicorn is also one of the Four Evangelists (the others being Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) in Catholic and Orthodox traditions of art!

45. In the 1800’s women would use a powder made from “unicorn horn” to place on their faces in order to make themselves look younger and more beautiful!

46. Unicorns love red apples!

47. According to Arabian legends, the unicorn was able to recognize if it had been seen by an enemy by collecting a drop of its blood in its horn.

48. In Chinese culture, the unicorn is known as lin-k’i and is a symbol of purity and strength. It is also associated with the dragon!

49. A unicorn does not have wings.

50. A unicorn’s eyes are usually sky blue or purple.


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