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100 Pub Quizzes – Pub Trivia Questions and Answers

100 Pub Quizzes – Pub Trivia Questions and Answers

100 Pub Quizzes - Pub Trivia Questions and Answers

1) Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture ‘The Thinker’ was made with which material?

Answer: Bronze.


2) In the Beaufort scale strong breeze was represented by which number?

Answer: 6.


3) In their national flag two countries represent their outline. Which are the two countries?

Answer: Cyprus and Kosovo.


4) An ophthalmologist diagnoses which part of our body?

Answer: Eyes.


5) Footballer Billy Wright who plays in the England team and Wolverhampton wanderers team, holds the record as the first footballer to _____________

Answer: Earn 100 international caps.


6) At the end of the shoelace, there is a plastic coating. What is it called?

Answer: Aglet.


7) Tom Hank’s 1985 comedy film started as ‘ The Man with …….’? Fill it.

Answer: One Red Shoe.


8) Largest Art museum in world is __________

Answer: The Louvre.


9) A religion was attracted by many famous personalities in the 2000s, in which the followers were used to wear a string around their wrist. Name the religion.

Answer: Kabbalah.


10) Smallest ______ in the world is found to be in the Hoxton hotel of Brooklyn.

Answer: Cinema.


11) In which continent 70% of cocoa beans in the world?

Answer: Africa.


12) A Lake which is over 10 miles long is the biggest Lake in England’s Lake District. Name the Lake.

Answer: Lake Windermere.


13) A superhero in DC Comics Real name was Richard Grayson. Mention the name he is popular?

Answer: Robin.


14) A Beavers home is called as_________

Answer: Lodge.


15) Which fashion brand’s subsidiary company is Club Monaco?

Answer: Ralph Lauren.


16) ‘Yon Kippur’ the Jewish holy day is otherwise known as the Day of __________

Answer: Atonement.


17) Salt, bitter, sweet, sour, and __________ are the basic tastes which can be recognised by humans.

Answer: Umami.


18) The closest relative to T-Rex dinosaur, which is living is _________

Answer: Chicken.


19) A dreadful poison smells bitter almonds, and not all people can detect it. What is it?

Answer: Cyanide.


20) A South American country whose currency was sucre up to 2000 found after it’s collapse official currency Changes to the dollar. Name the country?

Answer: Ecuador.


Pub Quizzes – Pub Trivia Questions and Answers Part 2


21) 1967 hit song ‘The Letter’ belongs to which band?

Answer: The Box Tops.


22) In 1995 being Familiar for less than a week, Pamela Anderson marry famously a person. Who is it?

Answer: Tommy Lee.


23) In the film ‘Casino’ released in 1995, for the character Ginger a heroine is nominated for Oscar. Who is it?

Answer: Sharon Stone.


24) How much of the world surface is water in percentage?

Answer: 71%.


25) National men’s dress of Bhutan, which is a knee-length gown and is tied at the waist. Mention the name of the dress.

Answer: Gho.


26) A high-kicking dance gets featured in cabaret shows in France. Name it.

Answer: Can-can.


27) Earth’s deepest point is __________

Answer: Mariana Trench.


28) Saxophone belongs to which instrument family?

Answer: Woodwind.


29) In ‘Boston Tea Party’ incident, which took place in 1773 tea from the company which is familiar to Indians got destroyed.  Name the company?

Answer: East India Company.


30) ‘Argo’ 1979 film is about which hostage crisis events?

Answer: Iran.


31) Victoria falls is on _______ river

Answer: Zambezi.


32) Largest part on human brain is _______

Answer: Cerebrum.


33) To capture Saddam Hussein, U.S.A arranged a military operation. Name the operation.

Answer: Red Dawn.


34) Main ingredient in hummus is ________

Answer: Chickpeas.


35) To act in a film Christian Bale lost 60 pounds. Name the film.

Answer: The Machinist.


36) Drink Tequila is made from which plant?

Answer: Blue agave.


37) ‘K’ in chemistry is __________

Answer: Potassium.


38) In the famous TV show ‘American Dad’ an alien is living with the smith family. Name it?

Answer: Roger.


39) Abbreviation of UNESCO?

Answer: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.


40) A military leader was overthrown by Fidel Castro in his revolution in Cuba. Who was it?

Answer: Fulgencio Batista.


Pub Quizzes – Pub Trivia Questions and Answers Part 3


41) Bull is the representation of which zodiac sign?

Answer: Taurus.


42) In 2007 Wimbledon tennis tournament made a change in its prize money. Mention the change.

Answer: Made men’s and women’s prize funds equal.


43) Motorized rickshaw mostly seen in Bangkok, is known as __________

Answer: Tuk-tuk.


44) To make dynamite a nut is used. Name it?

Answer: Peanut.


45) Which is the most worshipped religion in the world?

Answer: Christianity.


46) In English Premier League, the first footballer to score 100 goal is ________.

Answer: Alan Shearer.


47) Abbreviation of LAN, in computing is _______

Answer: Local Area Network.


48) ________ rocks are being changed by high pressure or heat.

Answer: Metamorphic.


49) In 2005, from jaguar cars an object is removed. Name it.

Answer: The hood ornament.


50) Turner prize in 1995 was given to Damien Hirst, for his shocking piece of art. Which is it?

Answer: Mother and Child Divided.


51) In snooker, green ball worth how many points?

Answer: 3 points.


52) Largest diamond in the crown jewels of British is ______

Answer: Koh-i-noor.


53) From two words, the word helicopter has been derived. ‘Helico’ means spiral, what is the meaning of ‘pter’?

Answer: With wings.


54) Logo of Nike is called as _________

Answer: The Swoosh.


55) Largest worshipped religion in Japan is _________

Answer: Shinto.


56) Ancient region in Mesopotamia lies between the ______ and _______ rivers.

Answer: The Tigris and Euphrates.


57) Which South American country’s currency is Real?

Answer: Brazil.


58) The leader of Peasants’ Revolt is ________

Answer: Wat Tyler.


59) In ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell, Boxer is what kind of animal?

Answer: Horse.


60) Three weapons in modern fencing are _______

Answer: Foil, épée, and sabre.


Pub Quizzes – Pub Trivia Questions and Answers Part 4


61) Democratic Party, the famous political party in the U.S.A has an animal as their symbol. Name the animal?

Answer: Donkey.


62) ‘Sistine chapel painting’ is finished by Michelangelo in how many years?

Answer: Four years.


63) With an estimation of 1 million hairs per square inch, a mammal become the densest furred animal. Name the animal.

Answer: Sea otter.


64) The word which has the most number of meanings in the Oxford English dictionary is _______ with 60,000 words.

Answer: Set.


65) “Deutschlandlied”, the National anthem of Germany was composed by an Austrian composer. Who is it?

Answer: Joseph Haydn.


66) ‘I love New York’ logo was created in 1975 by a famous American graphic designer. Who is it?

Answer: Milton Glaser.


67) Most common colour of eye in world is ________

Answer: Brown.


68) The hot winds blow to Southern Europe from Sahara is ___________.

Answer: Sirocco.


69) Who is the architect of Kuala Lumpur’s ‘The PETRONAS towers’?

Answer: César Pelili.


70) In 1990s a chocolate bar in the UK changed the name to Snickers. Name it?

Answer: Marathon.


71) ‘Cuban missile’ crisis was on which year?

Answer: 1962.


72) Which vitamin’s another name is ‘Riboflavin’?

Answer: B2.


73) The country which give vote right to women is _________

Answer: New Zealand.


74) Martial arts in which Elvis Presley is popular for is _______

Answer: Karate.


75) In Morse code a Letter’s representation is by two dots. Which is the letter?

Answer: i.


76) _____ and ______ make a man wise, based on a famous proverb.

Answer: Adversity and loss.


77) An autoimmune disorder affects the thyroid by causing hyperthyroidism is __________.

Answer: Graves’ disease.


78) ‘Bombay Duck’ an Indian dish is what kind of food?

Answer: Fish.


79) After the suicide of Nero in A.D 68, the number of emperors ruled Rome in the following year is _______

Answer: 4.


80)  Ancient Egyptians worshipped cat Goddess. What is its name?

Answer: Bastet.


81) The term ‘ Dinosaur’ means ________ lizard.

Answer: Terrible.


Pub Quizzes – Pub Trivia Questions and Answers Part 5


82) Eighteen out of twenty-seven years of Nelson Mandela’s prison life is on ________ prison.

Answer: Robben Island.


83) A person in the Bible is said to be died at the age of 969. Who is it?

Answer: Methuselah.


84) Study of flags is called as ________

Answer: Vexillology.


85) Distinctive colour of flamingos is getting from ________.

Answer: Their diet.


86) The famous bronze statue ‘ The Little Mermaid’ is situated in the capital city of Europe. Name it?

Answer: Copenhagen.


87) A volcanic eruption occurred in Iceland in 2010, which causes airline travel chaos. Name the volcano?

Answer: Eyjafjallajökull.


88) The animal which was Robin in the Disney ‘Robin Hood’ is _______

Answer: Fox.


89) Christmas Island is situated in which ocean?

Answer: Indian Ocean.


90) The first person who won two Nobel prizes is _______

Answer: Marie Curie.


91) World’s biggest rodent is ______

Answer: Capybara.


92) Before approving Euro the currency of Italy is ________.

Answer: Lira.


93) A famous painting of John Constable is unsold in the 1821 exhibition. Name the painting?

Answer: The Hay Wain.


94) Since 1900 two Presidents of the U.S.A got the presidency while they lost in public votes. Who are they?

Answer: George W. Bush and Donald Trump.


95) Who is the famous paleontologist in Lyme Regis who became popular in the 18th century for fossil discovery?

Answer: Mary Anning.


96) In a netball team, the total number of players are ______

Answer: 7.


97) UK’s popular radio show ‘The Archers’ set is on which village?

Answer: Ambridge.


98) First appeared music video on MTV is _________.

Answer: The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star.


99) In which year of wedding anniversary Emerald is given as a gift?

Answer: 55th.


100) Number of stars on the European Union flag is ______.

Answer: 12.


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