100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers

100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers


100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers


General Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 1 (GK Quiz 1-20)


1) The Sumerians developed the art of writing. By what name it is known?

Answer: Cuneiform writing.


2) How old is Bodhi tree at Gaya ?

Answer: Over 2000 years.


3) Which is the first artificial element?

Answer: Technetium.


4) Name the organisation in which line authority and staff authority relationship exist side by side:

Answer: Line and staff organization.


5) In encryption method, it is difficult to perform:

Answer: Comparisons, arithmetic operations etc.


6) Which is Very High Frequencies (VHF) band?

Answer: 30-300 Mhz.


7) In an estuary the maximum distance between buoys is:

Answer: 1600 m.


8) Which are the two methods to achieve soil conservation?

Answer: Biological and Mechanical.


9) When parallel rays are coming from an object, it is supposed to be lying at:

Answer: Infinity.


10) What is called when mechanical waves have a frequency above the audible range?

Answer: Ultrasonics.


11) What is a Canoe which is made from a single log of wood or tree called?

Answer: A Pirogue.


12) ‘A ship is driven towards the South Pole by a storm, a bird appears and then things begin to happen.’ In whose work do you find this situation?

Answer: In Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s.


13) In Astrology enemy planets of the sun:

Answer: Saturn and Venus.


14) How is the temperature produced inside the cylinder of an internal combustion engine?

Answer: Very high.


15) Which thoughts disappointed Siddhartha?

Answer: Disease, old age and death.


16) This is a well-known quotation, and perhaps what it says is true: “Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity”. Who said it?

Answer: George Bernard Shaw.


17) Who created the character of Ziggy Stardust in his Glam rock period of the 1970s?

Answer: David Bowie.


18) Who was the Maharishi who lived during the developments of the Pandava-Kaurava struggles and witnessed all the incidents related in the epic Mahabharata?

Answer: Vyasa.


19) When was Indira Gandhi assassinated?

Answer: 1984 October 31.


20) What do you mean by East Greenland current?

Answer: The cold ocean current flowing along the eastern shores of Greenland.


General Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 2 (GK Quiz 21-40)


21) Who said “Society is co-operation crossed by conflict”?

Answer: Robert Morrison MacIver.


22) Who is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan Buddhists?

Answer: Dalai Lama.


23) The discount market is concerned with the purchase and sale of:

Answer: Short-term bills.


24) When did people in Southern Mesopotamia began to use clay tokens that had different shapes and markings?

Answer: 8000 B.C.


25) Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, what argument did they gives to it?

Answer: The invasion was designed to help defend Afghanistan’s pro-Communist government from Afghan rebels.


26) The Italian Renaissance influenced England largely because of the encouragement of whom?

Answer: King Henry VIII.


27) The Tethyan Mountain System extends how many kilometres?

Answer: 11,000 kms.


28) Length of a Dunkleosteus is:

Answer: 23 feet (7 meters).


29) In which period Robust species were extinct?

Answer: Between 2 million and 1 million years ago.


30) Program for the computers that uses Electronic imagesetting, enable users:

Answer: To perform word processing, type selection, reproduction of graphics and page make-up.


31) The Greeks, staged performances in the theatre which seated about 14000 people?

Answer: Theatre of Dionysus, Athens.


32) After how many years the period of filing the case of debt recovery will be over?

Answer: 3 years.


33) Which type of black and white film is available in the Indian Market for general use?

Answer: Panchromatic.


34) Who was known as ‘iron chancellor’?

Answer: Prince Otto von Bismarck.


35) What is the name of short skirt worn by women?

Answer: Kilt.


36) Communist countries are more Leninist than Marxist. Why?

Answer: Lenin speaks to them in the language of organization and power.


37) 1000 cubic centimetres are equal to how many cubic decimetre?

Answer: One cubic decimeter.


38) What is the currency of Belgium:

Answer: Franc.


39) Which is the national airlines of Indonesia?

Answer: Garuda Indonesia.


General Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 3 (GK Quiz 41-60)


40) Which are the three types of hair, based on it’s growth?

Answer: One which grows straight, one which can be turned aside and curly.


41) Western neighbouring country of Tibet:

Answer: India.


42) Who codified the ballet technique in the 19th century?

Answer: Carlo Blasis.


43) At which place did Gandhi launch the first no-tax campaign in the country in 1918?

Answer: Kheda.


44) Climbing vines and epiphytes, may grow in:

Answer: Canopy.


45) A river is highest at its:

Answer: Headwaters (where the river begins).


46) What is the study of pollen known as:

Answer: Palynology.


47) Psychoanalytic theory is based on whose theory?

Answer: Sigmund Freud.


48) Who was the earliest philosopher to support the scientific method?

Answer: Francis Bacon.


49) If the bleeding would improve, which would be the injured blood vessel?

Answer: Vein.


50) Which hormone in our body regulates feminine characteristics?

Answer: Estrogen.


51) Most of the earthquakes of the shallow focus range are caused due to:

Answer: Thrust faulting.


52) Secondary Myofilament are made up of a protein known as:

Answer: Actin.


53) According to scientists the earth and all living things have been always changing and developing. This development through changes is known as:

Answer: Evolution.


54) The growth of Christian organisation was one of the most significant developments of the:

Answer: Middle age.


55) The name of the American ship which was sunk and destroyed by the German torpedoes:

Answer: Lusitania.


56) The leader of the ‘Black’ in the U.S.A who was stabbed to death by a woman?

Answer: Martin Luther King.


57) The credit of preparing the first legal code in the west goes to the Roman emperor named:

Answer: Justinian I.


58) The German Emperor who fled to Holland at the end of the First World War:

Answer: Wilhelm II.


59) What is the name of the main Soviet News Agency?

Answer: Tass.


60) The isobars indicate:

Answer: The atmospheric pressure in a particular area.


General Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 4 (GK Quiz 61-80)


61) Of which country is Bohemia now a part?

Answer: Czechoslovakia.


62) Which valley is generally described as the Paradise on Earth?

Answer: Kashmir.


63) Across which river do the Black Forest and the Vosges face each other?

Answer: The Rhine.


64) A modern dramatist said this in explanation of his craft: ‘Life is very nice, but it lacks form. It’s the aim of art to give it some’. Which dramatist?

Answer: Jean Anouilh.


65) What is Cape Kennedy now known as?

Answer: Cape Canaveral.


66) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland originated from a boat trip which the Christ Church lecturer in Mathematics took with the three daughters of the Dean of Christ Church. Who were the three daughters?

Answer: Lorina, Alice and Edith.


67) What separates Australia and Papua New Guinea?

Answer: Torres Strait.


68) What instrument is used by the navigator for determining longitude and latitude at sea?

Answer: Sextant.


69) Who coined the phrase ‘a temporary abode of purchasing power’ while explaining the concept of money?

Answer: Milton Friedman.


70) Where was India’s first satellite Aryabhata fabricated?

Answer: ISRO, Bangalore.


71) Who has won the most Oscars for best Actress?

Answer: Katharine Hepburn – 3. Incidentally no artist has got three Oscars for Best Actor, though Katharine’s husband Spencer Tracy was among those who got two.


72) Who wrote “Cinema and 1”?

Answer: Ritwik Ghatak.


73) When did Peoples Republic of China become its member?

Answer: In October 1971.


74) The prizes (except peace) are presented in:

Answer: Stockholm.


75) The world record holder in long jump did not .win his turn in 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Can you say the reason?

Answer: Mike Powel of USA withdrew due to injury.


76) Name the country Edmundo represented in his long years of football career:

Answer: Brazil.


77) Who are the twins who played for Australia in One Day Internationals?

Answer: Steve and Mark Waugh.


78) Who are the gold winners in men’s doubles in Asian Games, Bangkok 1998?

Answer: Paradorn Srichaphan and Narathorn.


79) Where is the head quarters of the Space Commission – ISRO?

Answer: Bangalore.


80) On what did the Sumerians write?

Answer: On clay plates and dried and baked and preserved it.


General Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 5 (GK Quiz 81-100)


81) Write two examples of annuals :

Answer: Wheat, rice.


82) In pure gold contains a metal in small amount, which metal?

Answer: Copper.


83) What do you mean by concentration of authority at higher levels?

Answer: Centralisation.


84) What is an art of breaking ciphers?

Answer: Cryptanalysis.


85) Which is Ultra High Frequencies (UHF) band?

Answer: 300-3000 Mhz.


86) A 50-year flood is one which will occur:

Answer: At an average of once in 50 years.


87) How many factors are there on which the agriculture of today depends heavily?

Answer: Three.


88) The astronomical term “azimuth” is only associated with:

Answer: Polar coordinates.


89) What is the velocity of sound in air?

Answer: 300 m/s.


90) In shipping, what is a ladder of rope or chain with wooden or iron rungs (steps) called?

Answer: Jacob’s ladder.


91) Haiku, a short lyric of seventeen syllables in all, 5+7+5, has its country of origin in:

Answer: Japan.


92) In Astrology, friend planets of the sun:

Answer: Jupiter, Moon and Mars.


93) An internal combustion engine could be started or stopped at will. Is it a true or false statement?

Answer: True statement.


94) Name the place where Siddhartha get enlightened:

Answer: Buddhagaya.


95) Who could have uttered the witticism, “Nothing spoils a romance so much as a sense of humour in the woman”.

Answer: Oscar Wilde.


96) What is the better-known name of the drummer Richard Starkey?

Answer: Ringo Starr.


97) Who pleaded to Lord Ganesha to dictate the verses told by Vyasa?

Answer: Lord Brahma.


98) Indira Gandhi won, Jawaharlal Nehru Award in:

Answer: 1984.


99) In which ocean is the Easter Island is situated?

Answer: Pacific Ocean.


100) Who wrote the book “Ancient Society”?

Answer: Lewis Henry Morgan.


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